is home to The Beer Metal Show Podcast! We have been in existence since December 2017. Our show is dedicated to two things… Craft Beer & Fuckin’ Metal!

Our normal format of our show is that we drink and dissect Craft Beer and then pair each one with a Metal Connection. Basically, we find a perfect tune to pair with each beer. Each episode is also titled after a song by that episode’s featured band. So there is ton of awesome music during our show, complimented by drunken ramblings by host, Aaron Mendiola (The BeerMetalDude). Currently, the co-host chair is vacant, and each episode there will be a rotating guest co-host, until a permanent person is found. Every now and then we will feature guests on our show, or take the show on the road to visit breweries and drink their beer and possibly do an interview.

We thank you all for taking this journey with us!
Check out our most recent episode below. Posted on 09/23/19

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