Review: Birra Amacord AMA Bruna

AmaBrunaBrewery: Birra Amarcord
Beer: Ama Bruna
Style: Abbey Dubbel
ABV: 7.5%
Character: Refermented in the bottle, with brown candy sugar
Metal Connection: DIVINE CODEX – The Last Sacrifice


I bought this bottle at my local grocery store (H-E-B), and I knew nothing about this beer before purchasing it. I clearly bought it to add to my collection of unique beers. I was rather surprised at what this beer had to offer after reading about it, and drinking it. All of which is to my liking! Enjoy the read.

AMA, a three beer special series released by Italian brewery, Amacord with collaboration with American brewer, Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewing Company. The logo design on this bottle and the other two AMA beers were created by artist, Milton Glaser, who is known for designing the famous “I love NY” logo.

Poured into my Boulevard Brewing Smokestack Series tulip glass. This beer poured a hazy dark brown, caramel color with a very thick tan colored foamy head that stayed a while leaving great lacing on the glass. This was a beautiful beer, and I wish I had a better quality camera to show you what I meant, but the picture I took will do just fine, I guess.

The aroma of this beer is exactly what I thought it would be. I smell malts, caramel, toffee, spices, and sugar. It was very sweet, like a candy. The sugar hit me first, and the malts were in the middle, and it ended with hints of spices like cinnamon on the end of the smell. In the words of Borat…”Very Nice!”

The mouth feel was a medium body, leaving a bit of a sticky sensation afterwards, I’m sure due to the caramelized sugar. The taste was exactly as expected as well, especially after the great first smell of this beer. The flavor is a bit complex with hints of malts, bread, caramel, yeast, brown sugar. There is a mild bitterness present to tie it all together. Overall I say this is a very fine beer, made to be drank in moderation, and enjoyed with a nice, elegant Italian dinner. I will now be on the hunt for the other two bottles of this series. I am very curious about those.

Whenever I am drinking a beer produced in another country, I always want to listen to Black Metal first, before any other genre. Not sure why though. Well it was no different here. I paired this beer with the amazing sounds of Italian duo, DIVINE CODEX (featuring members of Impiety). I chose the song, The Last Sacrifice off their latest album, The Dark Descent from 2011. Hopefully they will be putting out something new again.

Cheers, BeerMetalDude!


Author: BeerMetalDude

Owner of Beer Metal Media. Creator/Host of The Beer Metal Show Podcast & It Came from the Cellar Podcast

4 thoughts on “Review: Birra Amacord AMA Bruna”

  1. Hails! I had this last night at Monk’s Cafe in Philadelphia! I just looked this up and you popped in google. Bookmarked! I am glad you had something special from Italy. B. United International brings in a lot of Italian craft that is awesome! Glad to see extreme metal and extreme beer together.

    1. Giovanni, Thanks for the reply on this post. I have seen the other bottles in this series recently at a local store, so I will be purchasing them soon. What sucks about where I live, is that it is illegal to ship beer to the state of TX, so some web sites that sell beer will not ship here. So I have to wait to see if it ever pops up on the shelves down here. I really enjoyed this one!

      As for the bands you mentioned, I am fully aware and am a fan of Hour of Penance, Antropofagus, Hideous Divinity, and of course Blasphemer. I do vocals in a band called Engaged in Mutilating, and we are label mates to Blasphemer on Comatose Music. I booked them a tour date here in San Antonio back in 2011, I believe.

      Cheers man, and thanks for bookmarking my site. I hope to get a lot more content up on here besides beer. I need to do more Metal stuff as well, but the Beer part of it is already very time consuming!

      1. No problem! I do love the Comatose label and I am a big supporter of it! And I do recall seeing an Engaged in Mutilating package deal! Love those package deals! And keep the beer coming!

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