Craft Beer in Movies!


Recently I saw a trailer for an upcoming comedy movie featuring an all star cast such as James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Michael Cera, Kevin Hart, Danny McBride, Emma Watson, and a lot more. The movie is called This is the End. All these actors play themselves, as this is like a documentary type movie about a massive party at James Franco’s house, and while the party is going on inside the house, the world is ending outside, and it seems that these movie stars are dying off one by one, but a group of them try to survive by staying inside the house. Looks pretty damn funny! I love most to all movies starring any of these actors, everything from I love you, Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Wanderlust, Pineapple Express, to movies like Knocked Up, or Wet Hot American Summer and everything in between.

this_is_the_end_ver2As I am watching this trailer, I noticed at 1:48 in the commercial when the cast is discussing their supplies they are working with, Seth Rogan mentions they have 12 water bottles, 56 beers, etc… When the beer part comes up a shot of their beer supply appears on screen. What do we see here? Do we have Budweiser? Maybe Miller? or how about Coors? No way! What we have on screen are beers by Harpoon Brewing Company (UFO White, and what looks like their IPA), Stone Brewing Company (IPA, Arrogant Bastard, and possibly others, but I can only see their caps), and Narragansett Brewing Company (Summer Ale, and Light).

I remember when they would show beer in movies before it was always big 3 products, or labels made to look like their beers. I love how things like this are changing all around us. Now to just get these “Binge drinking idiots to simmer down a bit and enjoy a good craft beer, rather than just drinking to get drunk.

please list them in the comments section below!

I’ll see you at the Movies!, BeerMetalDude!


3 thoughts on “Craft Beer in Movies!

  1. There is actually a movie coming out called, “Drinking Buddies”, with Olivia Wilde about a bunch of beer geeks.

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