Review: Deep Ellum IPA


Brewery: Deep Ellum Brewing Company
Beer: IPA
Style: American IPA
ABV: 7.0%
Character: Citra, Amarillo, Chinook, Palisade, and Summit hops used
Metal Connection: WARBEAST – War of the Worlds


For a few years now I have heard and seen a lot of things about Deep Ellum Brewing Company. These guys have an excellent looking website, outstanding labels for their bottles and their cans. Their posters for events grab your attention. These guys definitely know how to draw you in to like them even before ever having their product. I mean, shit, this is a brewery, so of course the beer is their main focus, but as the story goes, we do NOT get any Deep Ellum beers in San Antonio. They have them in Austin, but not San Antonio. So on my visit to Dallas a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a few single brews by Deep Ellum at Lone Star Beverages. I couldn’t wait to finally taste, at least one of their beers, so I popped open a can of Deep Ellum IPA this same night.

Once again, using my Texas Frightmare pint glass, this beer poured a nice hazy orange color with a thick foamy off white head which retained well, leaving an excellent film on the glass.

The aroma was full of hoppy goodness for sure. I picked up all the great smells of pine, floral, and citrus here with this one. A slight bready backbone, but mostly all hops. For me the citrus aroma lingered afterwards. Not bad at all.

The taste follows the aroma for sure. It is crisp, bitter, nice hop flavors of pine, and mostly citrus. This one definitely bites you with the bitterness, but it’s not overpowering. As with the aroma, the taste of citrus is what lingers after the drink in your throat. The body is a medium thickness, and this has a crisp, dry mouthfeel. Those hops are really working with this one.

Overall, I will say that this beer is not very complex, or experimental. It is what it is, it’s an IPA. It has all the right characteristics of a good IPA, and I will recommend this beer to any average beer drinker who is getting into craft beer for the first time, and to those seasoned vets of the craft, as well.

The Metal connection was easy for me to choose. I have been listening to a lot of Warbeast lately, and since this band is from the Dallas area, why not pair them with a Dallas based beer. Warbeast might be a new name for you, but if you know the members of this band, then you know they are not new to the music scene at all! The band consists of members and ex members of some well known TX bands like Rotting Corpse, Rigor Mortis, Gammacide, Hammer Witch, and they even have a live session member who used to be in GWAR. Check out the song “War of the Worlds” from their 2013 release, Destroy.

Deep in the Keg of Texas, BeerMetalDude!


Author: BeerMetalDude

Owner of Beer Metal Media. Creator/Host of The Beer Metal Show Podcast & It Came from the Cellar Podcast

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