Review: Texas Big Beer Brewing Company Renaissance Cowboy


Brewery: Texas Big Beer Brewing Company
Beer: Renaissance Cowboy
Style: Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy
ABV: 8.2%
Character: Brewed to style, including made water to match the water profile of Edinburgh Scotland
Metal Connection: REBEL MEETS REBEL – Nothin’ to Lose


Texas Big Beer Brewing Company is actually a small brewery out in Buna, TX, about an hour outside of Houston. Following his progress on Facebook has been a treat, watching this brewery grow from the ground up. About seven months ago, I saw that they had dropped off a few bottles of their beer at a store close by to my work, so i drove thee to get it. It was their Big Texas Blonde Ale. I was impressed. Of course no other of their beers were ever dropped off near me again, so once again I had to pick up a couple of their beers when I visited Dallas, TX. I picked up this beer here, and their Texas Crude Porter (review on that one coming soon!). I originally had wanted to bring this bottle back to San Antonio to share, but what the hell, I popped this open in my hotel room.

Using my newly acquired Buttface Amber Ale pint glass from Humperdink’s, this cowboy poured a nice looking opaque, dark reddish brown color with a very nice two finger wide off white foamy head. The head retained well, and left a nice sticky film down the glass.

Boozy alcohol on the nose is right up front. I also pick up some malts in the smell as well as a light smokiness, and caramel. Good strong burn in the nose.

The taste is best described as a strong Red Ale, maybe like an Imperial Red. just as with the aroma, the alcohol is present in the taste as well. There is a sweet, thick caramel character present here in the body of this beer. Aftertaste is very boozy, but this leaves a sweet residue on your lips, like candy.

This is a full bodied, thick beast of a beer, and I like it! The one thing I really like about this beer, is that it has a very smooth, almost creamy mouthfeel, so that makes this boozy monster east to drink, and even though it has a thick body, it doesn’t leave you feeling full. For me, it actually left me wanting more!

Very happy to see this brewery producing good quality big beers. As long as they keep pumping them out, I will keep drinking them (if I can get them easily in San Antonio, that is!)

The owners of Texas Big Beer, John and Tammy McKissack look like some Country Music fans. Well we here at Beer Metal Dude are not! We do like some good ‘ol fashion Rebel Country though. You know the Whiskey drinkin, pill poppin, gun shootin sons of bitches like David Allen Coe. Mr. Coe teamed up with the Pantera boys years ago before the death of “Dimebag” Darrell, they created REBEL MEETS REBEL, and here is the first song I ever heard from this collaboration, and I love to listen to this on a good drinkin night! I know my “Elitist” Metal friends who read this will hate this part as for some reason it’s not cool to like anything related to Pantera. Well too bad, cause I do. Enjoy some good ol Country Metal, and get yourself a Renaissance Cowboy.

Hee Haw Mother Fuckers! BeerMetalDude!


Author: BeerMetalDude

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