Review: Texas Big Beer Brewing Company Texas Crude Porter


Brewery: Texas Big Beer Brewing Company
Beer: Texas Crude
Style: American Porter
ABV: 7.0%
Character: Robust roasted malt porter
Metal Connection: EXULCERATE – Resurrection of the Insane Killing Kind


Here we are with another review of a beer by Texas Big Beer Brewing Company out of Buna, TX. I am glad that this booming business of craft beer has brought companies like Texas Big Beer to the market. This awesome craft beer loving couple, John and Tammy McKissack have a real winner here with this brewery. So far everything I have had has been big, bold, flavorful, strong beers. Their name, Texas Big Beer, definitely does not lie!

Sharing this bottle with friends, using a Magic Hat Ravell pint glass, this beer poured a very dark, oil like black color with a thick foamy tan colored head which retained very well, leaving amazing lacing down the glass.

The nose of this beer is a lot of roasted malts, especially right up front. I can pick up smells of chocolate, some coffee, a very small hint of smokiness appears as well. A sweet molasses smell is present, and also a good strong scent of boozy alcohol. I love the way this beer smells, but we’re not here to just smell it, are we?

The first flavors that hits me are roasty malts, and dark chocolate. I love the brown sugar sweetness that mixes right in there. This is a well rounded, flavorful Porter. It also reminds me a lot of an Imperial Porter, cause there is a alcohol burn to this beer, making you believe you are drinking a strong 10% or higher, but surprisingly this is only at 7% ABV. Kind of small for Texas Big Beer! Hahaha! This must be there “light beer”.

The body of this beer is right in the middle, medium thickness. It looks like it will be heavier than what it really is. It also has a nice, smooth mouthfeel to it, making this beer very easy to drink.

My overall take on this beer is that I highly enjoyed it, and I can not wait to get my hands on another bottle. I must say that Texas Big Beer Brewing Company is doing a fine job at keeping someone like me interested and waiting more. Do yourself a huge favor, and seek out any beer by this brewery, but I highly recommend Texas Crude. I mean you can not go wrong with a label that has a nicely drawn female riding an oil pump like a mechanical bull.

With the Metal Connection I wanted to give you all a taste of some old school TXDM (Texas Death Metal), and what the hell, I wanted to show off a little as well. So, I present to you a song by a band I was a part of. This was a fun part of my life as the lyric writer, and vocalist for the band, Exulcerate. We released one album in 2005 on Comatose Music. The band is still around now with a different line-up. Here is a fun song called “Resurrection of the Insane Killing Kind.”

Rude, Crude, and well, not tattooed, Beer Metaldude!



Author: BeerMetalDude

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