Beer Review: Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL


Brewery: Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
Beer: Double Agent IPL
Style: American Pale Lager
ABV: 5.0%
Character: Lager brewed with West Coast hops usually found in American IPA’s
Metal Connection: RUSH – Double Agent


doubleagentThis beer is part of the Brewmaster’s Collection, and Hopology series. Sam Adams definitely has a sweet army of soldiers, and by that I mean they have an impressive line of beers. Drinking one of everything they make is a challenge in itself. This is my first encounter with Double Agent, but definitely not my first go round with the Brewmaster’s Collection. There have been some good ones, but they were drank way before the launch of the site.

Showing support for the local breweries, I used my Guadalupe Brewing Company pint glass for this beer which poured a nice looking light hazy amber color with lots of carbonation bubbles rising forming a good finger wide white head. The head retained pretty much the entire time, leaving nice lacing down the glass.

I picked up a lot of hops in the nose right away. It was piney, and citrusy. Good grapefruit aroma comes right out at you. There is a good mixture going on though, as I got hints of maltiness as well. It was a bit on bready, but not too much, so it was a nice pleasing backbone to the fruity west coast hop smells.

The taste is just like the aroma. There is the piney, fruity hops strong and upfront with a malty background. The breadiness is right in the middle of this, as my palate got hit with the hops right at the beginning of the sip, and there is a lingering grapefruit-like taste afterwards. This is actually a refreshing beer.

The body was a bit thin and light. There was good carbonation, so there was a little bite, but it was mostly smooth.

On a hot Texas Summer day, this beer will be good as it was refreshing. I would not turn this beer down if offered to me. Pretty average beer, but I do give them style points for working in the west coast hops into a lager.

Metal Connection: Progressive rock trio, RUSH has been pumping out great tunes since the early 70’s. Over this time they have released a great number of albums, with a lot of variety in their music. They are the Sam Adams of Rock. Now I wouldn’t call them Metal, by any means, but most of the Metal heads I know all love Rush, as do I. Here is the song “Double Agent” from their 1993 album, Counterparts. Enjoy!

How about the greatest band of all time, BeerMetalDude!


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