BMD on Tour: San Antonio Beer Week pt. 3


Here we find ourselves at the end of San Antonio Beer Week. Closing ceremonies were held at HemisFair Park during their Third Brewsday event. Third Brewsday is an event held at HemisFair Park on the 3rd Tuesday of each month since December 2012. To be honest, this was the first time I had ever heard of the event, and that’s only because it was part of San Antonio Beer Week.

Got out of work early so we could get there when the event began at 5:00pm. We found ourselves downtown at the park while the breweries were still setting up their tents. We didn’t want to bother them, so we decided to walk around to see some local art that was displayed throughout the park, and we made it all the way to the base of the Tower of Americas. As the event began, I walk around to each tent to say  “hello, and what’s up”. I end up at The San Antonio Current tent where Ranger Creek Brewing is tapping a special “Firkin Current” beer. The beer was awesome, and a good way to start the event.

As the hours ticked by, the crowd grew and grew, making it a tad bit harder to get samples at a steady pace, as the lines were getting longer. The good thing is, with the beer flowing through our systems, it made for some interesting conversations with some very interesting characters.

As I have a problem with eating and drinking at the same time, I unfortunately didn’t get to taste any of the food trucks which were there, but they smelled amazing!

The one thing that was so amazing about this event, is that all the tents were all San Antonio local breweries, and they all brought their best stuff. As many beers were had at this event I have made a list of honorable mentions (in no particular order)
– Rye Saison by The Granary ‘Cue & Brew
– Mielito by Branchline Brewing Company
– Javacho by Branchline Brewing Company (Special Firkin beer)
– Pale Ale by Blue Star Brewing Company
– King William Barleywine Ale by Blue Star Brewing Company
– Strawberry Milk Stout by Ranger Creek Brewing Company
(There were a lot more, but not mentioned here!)

As you can see from my list there, that it was a great time! This was a perfect end to San Antonio Beer Week. I’m glad this event seemed to open a lot of eyes to local breweries to those that had no idea they existed. I know you have seen them, and we probably all make the same face at them, but there are those people who will visit a store who specializes in craft beer, and they will walk past all the coolers of the good stuff just so they can pick up a case of Miller Lite or some crap. Those were the people who this event was also intended for. Pull your heads out of the cheap beer cooler and get some good stuff in your belly for a change!

This was my second year taking part of San Antonio Beer Week, but this year was a bit more special for me, as being part of the Mad Pecker Brewing Company team, we were invited to the planning meetings for S.A. Beer Week. We did contribute a few suggestions and ideas, but we hope to be a lot more involved next year. Hmmmm, maybe I can suggest a BeerMetalDude concert series or event. (Rubbing hands together while doing an evil laugh! Hee hee hee)

Please take the time to visit the San Antonio Beer Week website. As of now, it still has the complete list of events that took place this year. This way you can get an idea of what to expect in years to come. Please support this event, local craft breweries, and craft beer in general.

As usual, I leave you with a metal song. Again, I have chosen a classic San Antonio based band. This time I give you JUGGERNAUT, and the song “Impaler” from their 1986 Metal Blade Records debut, Baptism Under Fire. Enjoy the tune!

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