Beer Review: Deep Ellum Brewing Company Rye Pils


Brewery: Deep Ellum Brewing Company
Beer: Rye Pils
Style: Neo American Pilsner
ABV: 4.8%
Character: Unfiltered, dry hopped, mashed with rye malt and brewed with American hops of noble Germanic descent
Metal Connection: SOLITUDE AETURNUS – 9th Day: Awakening (live)


Here is my third beer review done for a Deep Ellum beer, so no real introduction is needed. Deep Ellum makes great beers, enough said! Review is over! Just kidding, but seriously, they do make great beers!

Using an obvious choice of glassware, as pilsner style glass, this beer pours a light golden color with a good two finger wide foamy white head, There was a bit of chill haze on the glass, causing the beer to look a bit hazy. The head remained throughout the session, leaving a nice sticky lacing down the glass.

The aroma of the beer had a nice sweet overtone to it. There  was a bold bready aroma mixed with some nice peppery spices. The rye was definitely present mixed with a good amount of bright fruity, grassy hops. A bit more hoppy than expected for a pilsner, but it wasn’t overpowering or anything. In fact, the aroma of the hops were very faint and way in the background behind all the other smells.

The taste of this beer was fantastic. Lots of flavors are picked up. Again, there is a sweetness to this beer. Bready rye flavors with a nice yeast dry finish. The taste of citrus and grassy hops peak through at the end and linger a bit after the drink. I specifically like this because of the dry finish, so these bright flavors compliment the rye in the body.

The body is a light to medium thickness with a smoothness as it goes down, ending with a dry, crisp finish.

Once again Deep Ellum does not disappoint. These guys are quickly becoming one of my new TX favorites. I just wish we had them distributed locally in San Antonio, as I really hate to travel to pick these up. Plus I really believe that the craft beer crowd in San Antonio will all enjoy the crafted beers by these guys.

Metal Connection: One of my new favorite breweries, and one of my all time favorite Dallas area Doom band, Solitude Aeturnus. Slow heavy doom played loudly while drinking a cold Rye Pils would be a perfect summer day for me. Here is my favorite song, “9th Day: Awakening” from my favorite album, 1994’s Through the Darkest Hour. I normally am not a fan of live albums, or videos unless they are done perfectly, and this is a fine example of how to pull it off perfectly. Just listen to Robert Lowe’s voice! Flawless!!!! So turn it up, crack open a cold one, and head bang ’til your head falls off!

Through the darkest hour with the coldest beer, BeerMetalDude!


Author: BeerMetalDude

Owner of Beer Metal Media. Creator/Host of The Beer Metal Show Podcast & It Came from the Cellar Podcast

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