Beer Review: 5 Stones Craft Brewing Company Norma Jean Blonda Ale


Brewery: 5 Stones Craft Brewing Company
Beer: Norma Jean Blonde Ale
Style: Blonde Ale
ABV: 6.83%
Character: Brewed with fresh strawberries and a hint of vanilla
Metal Connection: MISFITS – Saturday Night


Throughout this year I have seen a local brewery open and grow so fast in our craft beer market. I am talking about 5 Stones Craft Brewing Company from the small town of Cibolo, TX, right outside of San Antonio.The one thing I really like about these guys is that they aren’t your average brewery putting out typical releases. All their beers have unique characteristics, and a lot of flavor. I am one who finds this very satisfying. I always look forward to each release, or brewery open event since they have stuff that isn’t in bottles yet. This isn’t my very first 5 Stones Beer, but it is the first one to grace my website. I have a few more waiting to be reviewed, bur for now, let me take the time to introduce you to Norma Jean.

Using my Zelick’s pint glass for this session, Norma Jean is a thick looking, hazy bright orange color. Looks a little like a glass of Sunny D. I immediately wanted to grab the glass and chug it down like I normally do with Sunny D, but I had to keep telling myself that this is a beer, and that I need to focus on it so I can review it. There was a small amount of white bubbly head present at first, which quickly reduced down to a thin light ring atop the beer. Little to no lacing was left own the glass during this drinking session.

Norma Jean did have a very nice smell going for her.The aroma, overall for me was a little light, but that was OK considering the smells I was picking up on are perfect in a lighter scent. My nose picked up the strawberries right away, followed by biscuit, breadyness, and a pear-like aroma. The use of vanilla in this beer comes out in the aroma at the end of the smell, which combines perfectly with the strawberries, leaving creamy strawberry lingering in the nose. Now, combine that with  the aroma of the biscuit, and pear, and you get one bit hit of sweetness. Very unique aroma, indeed.

The flavor of this beer compliments the aroma perfectly. There is a bready, biscuit-like background, followed by a bright, crisp strawberry flavor, which came out a lot more as the beer warmed up. Have you ever had a breakfast cereal with flakes and dried strawberries? Well, it reminds me of that, just not so dominant. Also, just like the aroma, the vanilla shows up on the tail end blending with the strawberries. This leaves a good sweet dessert like after taste.

The body was slightly thick, and had a silky smooth mouthfeel. The beer does a dry finish, which really helps the vanilla and strawberry flavors linger around a bit. There is mild carbonation.

Norma Jean is a nice, lovely lady, indeed. She smells wonderful, and tastes just as pleasant. Yes, I am talking about the beer, you sickos! (or am I?) As said before, 5 Stones definitely don’t play around when it comes to creating unique and flavorful beers. These guys are quickly becoming a favorite among locals in the greater San Antonio area, including myself. Now, those of you who love the shop local mentality, you will be pleased to know that 5 Stones uses fresh strawberries from Poteet, TX, which is famous for their Strawberry Festival. Expect more 5 Stones beer reviews posted within the next few weeks.

Metal Connection: OK, dammit, I did it again… I used another Misfits song from the Famous Monsters album. I just can’t help it though, look at the artwork on the label, and imagine her with you while this macabre 1950’s style drive-In song is playing. Once you see the comparison, you will agree that is a perfect song to pair with this beer. I have used the Misfits a few other times on this site on other beer reviews, but that just means they make good songs to be paired with good beers. Do yourself a favor, and seek out this beer, and listen to it on a Saturday night, and crank up this tune.

Cruising on a Saturday Night with Norma Jean,


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