A Real Beer Metal Collaboration: Blakkr Imperial Black IPA


We (well, I) here at BeerMetalDude.com prides thyself in promoting the brutal force and creative craftsmanship of both Craft Beer and the Metal music genre. Both main subjects do have a variety of sub-genres, so to speak, and in both subjects I do have my favorites and least favorites. One thing I can say is that I am a fan of the overall subjects of both Craft Beer and Metal. Why am I going on about this as my introduction? Well, basically it’s just pure excitement to be posting about one of the most Metal Collaborations the Craft Beer movement has ever seen to date!

Real Ale Brewing Company from Blanco, TX, represented by Head Brewer, Erik Ogershok, who is an avid enthusiast of Metal, Todd Haug, Head Brewer of Surly Brewing Company who is the guitarist is the Power/Thrash Metal band, Powermad, and the crew at Three Floyds Brewing Company, obvious Metal heads cause of their previous collaborations with the bands Toxic Holocaust, Pig Destoyer among others, all have put heads together to create this three headed monster known as Blakkr.

Blakkr, which is a Norse word meaning “Black” seems to be fitting name for an American Double or Imperial Black IPA brewed by these three power house Metal heads. The artwork even depicts a three headed demon or devil arising out of the fires of Hell with suffering humans burning in the flames. Now that’s Metal!

The one thing I really love about this collaborating team will be brewing this beer at each brewery, and have it distributed like a normal beer of theirs, so this means that San Antonio and other Texas areas receiving Real Ale beers will get to purchase (legally!) a beer brewed by Surly and Three Floyds.

Looks like Real Ale is planing on releasing the beer during South by Southwest in March. I for one, will most likely be one of the first in lines to get my hands on this beer.

I really hope  that this collaboration of Metal heads on a craft beer will finally lift the blinders on the outsiders who call craft beer, “Beer for Hipsters.” Everything in this collaboration shows otherwise!

Here is a live video of the band Powermad, featuring Surly Head Brewer, Todd Haug on guitar, performing their tune, “Nice Dreams” from their 1989 full length album, Absolute Power, which was released on Warner Bros. Records. They even had an official music video for this song, which I believe seeing it on Headbanger’s Ball back in the day.


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