Exactly one year ago today, officially went online. A lot of learning happened over this past year. If you go back and read any of the old beer reviews, and compare them to any of the newest reviews, you can definitely see an increase in my skills to reviewing beers. Even the format of the review has changed.

1yearClick here to see the first post!

My taste has even changed. I look back at some of the beer I drank a year ago, and compare them now. Damn, things I thought I “loved” back then aren’t really that good after all. Same goes the other way, as I have given a low score to beers I now generally enjoy drinking. My palate has opened up a lot over the past year, and my ability to find more of the aroma/taste of a beer has increased over time. It’s just like with Metal, over time I have grown to appreciate and like more styles of Metal, and not be so tunnel visioned when making my choices to like or hate a band. I follow the same with beer, I have opened up to so many styles that I once said I never liked, or wouldn’t try.

I want to thank you all for visiting my site and reading my reviews, and taking what I have written to help you gain knowledge about each beer and/or band that I feature here on the site. Raise your glass… Cheers! Here is to another year of providing you with Metal related beer reviews and more! I have a vision for this site, and I do plan on adding a few more features here.

Thank you,

Aaron “BeerMetalDude” Mendiola


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