Beer Review: 5 Stones Craft Brewing Company Aloha Piña


Brewery: 5 Stones Craft Brewing Company
Beer: Aloha Piña
Style: Fruit/Vegetable Beer
ABV: 6.43%
Character: Golden Ale brewed with pineapple and jalapeño
Metal Connection: HAWAII – Call of the Wild


alohapinaUsually breweries have typical beer styles as their flagship, main beers that are year round, such as lagers, IPA’s, pale ales, brown ales, blondes, or red ales. Not 5 Stones Craft Brewery though. Their flagship beer is a little guy they named Aloha Piña, which is a Golden Ale base, but then it’s brewed with fresh cut pineapple, and roasted jalapeños. It’s obvious that 5 Stones were not playing around, and this brewery makes the average beer drinker dive head first into an empty pool, hoping they survive the first encounter. My kind of brewery! I mean who doesn’t like a beer inspired by a Hawaiian style pizza?  Aloha Piña was the very first beer I ever had from 5 Stones Craft Brewing Company (soon to be known as 5 Stones Artisan Brewery), but I was too exited each time I had a glass to actually sit down and pick apart the beer for a review. Finally, I was able to do so, after a few times downing full bottles and random pints of this good stuff!

I used a Rahr & Sons Brewing Company 2012 Cinco De Mayo pint glass for this drinking session. Aloha Piña poured a clear golden color crowned by a finger wide bubbly white head.Good head retention throughout, leaving soap sud looking lacing down the glass.

The nose is very pleasing to me. The pineapple scent is dominant, as they use a good amount of the freshly cut fruit in this beer. There is a good amount of biscuit following the upfront fruit. The aroma of the jalapeño is definitely present, but I found it more at the tail end of the nose. The jalapeño added just the right amount of heat to the nose. It really complimented the pineapple sweetness.

What I love about the taste of this beer is that it takes you for a surprise. When I saw the clear golden color, I thought this was going to taste like a Golden Ale or Blonde Ale with a high taste of bread, biscuit, and sweet sugary grains. What I did get was a mouthful of sweet pineapple up front, and a nice peppery, tangy spice from the jalapeños on the back end. There is a faint backbone of the typical golden ale flavors of bread, biscuit, sweet sugar and honey, but it is faint in comparison to the flavors of the main two components in this beer.

The body is light-medium in thickness with a smooth mouthfeel, making this beer really easy to drink. It has decent carbonation, and a light bitterness as well. The drink finishes with a spice from the jalapeños, but it’s not overbearing. It is a nice finish to this beer, complimenting it well.

Overall, I will say this beer is short of  tomato sauce to make an excellent pizza pie! These guys got inspired to make a pineapple/roasted jalapeño beer from the Hawaiian style pizza. I know I’ve said that twice in this review, but I just think that is awesome, considering how much I love Hawaiian style pizza. Please seek out this beer and the other offerings by 5 Stones. You will not be disappointed! Just remember though, that what I pick up in this beer might be different than what you pick up. Some people might think this beer is spicy cause of the peppers, and others might think the pineapple is too sweet. Just give it a try for yourself, and see what you get from this beer.Hawaii-TheNativesAreRestless-Front

Metal Connection: This one was pretty easy for me. I wanted to find a band that had a Hawaiian theme, well how about a band by the name of Hawaii. This band was around since 1981, and split up sometime after 1985. They had a few band name changes in that time frame including the names Vixen and Aloha. Using the band name, Hawaii, they released two full length albums, and an EP. I chose the song, “Call of the Wild” from their 1985 full length album, The Natives are Restless. Listen to the intro of the song. It’s so fitting for this beer review! Oh, by the way, in case you didn’t know, the band Hawaii featured a guitar player named Marty Friedman, who you might all know from the band Megadeth. Friedman played with Megadeth from 1990-1999, including two of their most popular albums, Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction. Aloha, Bitches!


Author: BeerMetalDude

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    1. I have had them both. They will also see a review on the site. I have a review up of Norma Jean, and an article written about my visit to their brewery for this Christmas Open House event a few months ago. Cheers!

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