Beer Review: Timmermans Pumpkin Lambicus


Brewery: Brouwerij Timmermans-John Martin N.V.
Beer: Timmermans Pumpkin Lambicus
Style: Lambic-Fruit
ABV: 4%
Character: 1st of a kind, brewed with natural fruit and spontaneously fermented by wild yeast and bacteria
Metal Connection: ENTHRONED – Of Feathers and Flames


timmermanspumpkinI actually drank this beer back in November 2013. Talk about being a little late to post this review up, eh? I wanted to add this review up, as this was a pretty unique beer, and after looking through my list, I realized I hadn’t put this one up yet. According to the information on this beer, this is a first of a kind for a pumpkin lambic from Belgium.

What is a lambic, you ask. Well, a lambic is a style of beer where whole fruits are added after spontaneous fermentation has started. The beer is them matured a bit longer before bottling. malts and hops are used, but at a low content allowing the fruit to be the main focus.

I was pretty damn excited to have this beer, as I have had a few lambics before, mainly Krieks (cherries), and a couple of Framboise (raspberries), but never a pumpkin one. As the description says, I believe this is the first ever pumpkin flavored lambic.

I was sharing this bottle with the Mrs. I poured from a750ml bottle into the recommended glassware, a stange style glass. It poured a slightly hazy orange hue, topped with a small white bubbly head that faded to a think layer, leaving no lacing down the glass. A very descent looking appearance.

The aroma is not very strong, but I was able to pick up on some typical spices like nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. There wasn’t a very strong pumpkin aroma, but more of a squash-like scent. There was a nice amount of sugary sweetness, blended well with a slight tartness that lingers in the nose a bit.

At first, the taste was a bit off putting, but as I drank more, the more I started to understand this beer. I grew fond of this particular beer by the time I finished my first glass from this 750ml bottle. Usually lambics are fruit heavy, and not a lot of “beer flavors,” so this one was definitely unique. There were the typical flavors found in any pumpkin beers, such as nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. There was a good abundance of sugary sweetness that hit the palate midway through the drink. There was a little flavor of squash, but not true pumpkin. As with most pumpkin beers, there was a lot of focus on the spices of a good pumpkin pie like some nutmeg, cinnamon, and even a bit of clove. What separates this beer from the rest of the heard is the natural sourness that occurs from the spontaneously fermentation by wild yeast and bacteria. It is not overly sour like others out there, but rather a good moderate overtone, that could easily make this beer a first timer’s friend.

The body was rather light, good carbonation, and drank pretty easy. The mouthfeel was smooth, and had a dry finish, which helped make the tartness stand out and linger a bit afterwards.

I am not one to say that I would jump off a cliff to gt a bottle of this, but it was still very enjoyable, and I could see myself with another glass in hand when this one comes around again. Seeing as I am fairly new to lambics, only having a few of the Kriek and Framboise styles, I did not have a lot to compare this to. For me, this was a very tasty experimental beer. We will see if anyone else releases a pumpkin lambic. Way to go Timmermans for creating something new here. SOVEREIGNS_126x126

Metal Connection: as Brouwerij Timmermans is a Belgian brewery, what better way to pair this beer than with a true Belgian band. I give you ENTHRONED! This band has been around since 1993, the beginning era of our beloved underground genres of Metal. Since their inception, Enthroned have gone though several band members, leading up the present time, where there are no original band members left. Earlier this year, they have released their tenth full length CD, entitled Sovereigns, released on Agonia Records. Here is an official single release from the label, the song “Of Feathers and Flames.”


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