Beer Review: Deep Ellum Brewing Company Double Brown Stout


Brewery: Deep Ellum Brewing Company
Beer: Double Brown Stout
Style: Baltic Porter
ABV: 7.0%
Character: Brewed with a Lager yeast, and Blackstrap Molasses
Ratings at time of Review: BA: 86 | RB: 86
Metal Connection: DIO – Double Monday


DoubleBrownDEHere we have a nice little beer from Deep Ellum Brewing Company out of Dallas, TX. As of now, this brand has not yet come to San Antonio, so I do pick up their beers when I travel to cities like Austin, or to Dallas. I am a fan of the beers I have had from Deep Ellum, so I was interested in this beer when I saw it at a Dallas store when I last visited. The large lettering and good use of a color scheme really attracted me towards these cans. I like the Deep Ellum style, of their labels looking graffiti-like or spray painted.

I used a Boulevard Brewing Company logo pint glass for this session. DBS (Double Brown Stout) poured a very dark brown color, looking similar to a cola. The beer was topped with a small quarter of an inch, eggshell colored foamy head. The head stuck around as a thin layer on top of the beer, leaving spotty lacing down the glass as I drank this glass of beer.

The aroma of Double Brown Stout is right where I thought it would be. Caramel, toffee, chocolate, nuts, brown sugar/molasses and roasted dark grains can all be picked up in the nose of this beer. There s also a good doughy scent well behind the main characters here. None of these are overpowering though, and the overall smell is pretty faint.

The taste follows the nose pretty well. Not like the aroma, the flavors are definitely a lot stronger. There is a great mixture of caramel, toffee, chocolate, nuts, and brown sugar/molasses. There is a nice sweetness, and a small trace of bitterness. There is a tiny amount of dark fruit notes on this one.

The body is a little under medium, which is not what I was expecting from this beer. Good carbonation is present. The mouthfeel is light and creamy, very silk-like. This one leaves a thin layer of smooth coating in the mouth which lingers a bit after each sip.

Overall, I will say that is a solid beer. I enjoyed the taste of it, but it did not completely wow me in the aroma and the body. A bit heavier in both of those areas, and this one will be a top high rated beer.

DIO-angry-machinesMetal Connection: Searching through the Metal archives, I stumbled across this awesome classic from none other than one of Heavy Metal’s Gods, Dio, which of course  was the solo band for Metal legend, Ronnie James Dio. Dio had one of those voices that is instantly recognizable. It is also one of the best in the Heavy Metal world. Mr. Ronnie James Dio was, of course made famous by his early career in Black Sabbath, Rainbow, this band, Dio, and later with a band called Heaven & Hell, which was essentially Black Sabbath. He has an outstanding musical career which seemed to have started back in the 1950’s, and he never let his passion go, creating music up until his death in 2010, caused by stomach cancer. Musicians, and fans alike all around the world, including myself really do miss hearing this majestic voice still putting put music, but we will always have the classics! Here is an overlooked album, and an overlooked song from the vault. Angry Machines was released in 1996, and was the band’s 7th studio full length album. Enjoy a can of Deep Ellum’s Double Brown Stout, while cranking up this tune, “Double Monday” by Dio! Cheers!


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