Beer Review: The Bruery Preservation Series: Shegöat


Brewery: The Bruery
Beer: Preservation Series: Shegöat
Style: Weizenbock
ABV: 8.7%
Character: Based primarily on the traditional Weizenbock style of Germany, brewed with both malted barley and wheat. Based on one of Patrick Rue’s original award winning homebrew recipes.
Ratings at time of Review: BA: 84 | RB: 87
Metal Connection: IMPALED NAZARENE – Goat Justice

Rating: 4.5/5

shegoatFirst thing I need to do here is thank a good friend of mine, Jorge Espinoza of for hooking me up with this beer. We have been trading beers for quite a while now, but due to my schedule, I do not always get to post the review right away on this site after I drink the beer. I feel bad for this, cause this dude posts his reviews so much faster than I do, and I feel like he is always throwing these shout outs to me, but I don’t return the favor as often, since my site updates are lagging at time. So, Cheers to Jorge and! I love doing these trades with ya! Speaking of this damn lag time, this beer was personally enjoyed near 9 months ago, and luckily one of the reviews I still had saved on my old computer, so it is just now making the site. I am really hoping that my schedule clears up so I could post more often. Now that I have joined the modern times, and finally purchasing a laptop, I do see more frequent updates in my near future.

Now to the beer! The Bruery definitely makes beers that are sought after by many craft beer drinkers, and traders, especially beers from their Preservation Series. These beers are released to members of the Preservation Society, which can be purchased at their here on their website. Shegöat was from the series of 2013, and is no longer in production, so be happy if you have had this beer, or still holding on to this beer. It is a real gem.

Using an appropriate Weizen-style glass, which was actually from New Braunfels Brewing Company, but you just can not see the logo on the glass very well due to the color of the beer and the logo on the glass. The appearance of the beer was a dark brown with dark ruby red highlights shining through with light. It was topped with a half inch light tan bubbly head. Good head retention as it stayed a throughout this session, leaving excellent web-like lacing.

The aroma of this special Weizenbock is nothing short of true to style with it’s strong caramel malt character, mixed well with scents of banana, clove, dark fruits like fig, and dark cherry. Another strong aroma character is brown sugar/molasses, and spices like a fruit cake or banana bread. There is a slight hint of orange zest hidden behind all the heavy aromas.

The taste is like the aroma with some added flavor characteristics. First of all, this beer is big and malty, heavy caramel, brown sugar/molasses, banana bread, and fruit cake. There is a strong banana flavor, clove, figs, raisins, plums, and a small hop profile of earthy and citrus notes. Definitely, a complex one for sure.

The body is big and heavy, with moderate carbonation. The mouthfeel is oily, sweet and sticky, leaving a sugary taste on the lips. The booze is present, but not very strong. This one finishes a bit bold and sticky.

Overall, this was an outstanding Weizenbock, and very true to the style. There was no real big surprises here. I’m sure the factor that this was one of the owner’s original recipes was why this one was part of an exclusive beer series, cause honestly, this one was not as rare as some of their other Preservation Series. Still a fantastic offering, and I am very glad to have had it.

ImpaledNazarene-ManifestMetal Connection: What can I about this Metal Connection… Hmmm, They love goats! This is the perfect band to pair with a beer named Shegoat. Impaled Nazarene from Finland. These guys have been kicking around the scene since 1990, delivering sick tunes about satanism, nuclear warfare, sex, violence, death and goats, to name a few of their subject matter. I have been a fan of this band since their debut full length album, Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz…. This album was noisy, disorganized, and bad ass at the same time!  Over time they developed into a  real Black Metal band with real song structure, including some rock n’ roll elements. Impaled Nazarene is definitely Sleazy Black Metal at it’s finest. In 2007, they released their 10th full length album, Manifest, which is where this Metal Connection comes from.  Throughout their career they included many songs with the word “goat” in the title. I went with this song, simply because it crushes! It is one of my favorite tunes from this Finnish band. There is a strong groove element to this song. I give you “Goat Justice!”


Author: BeerMetalDude

Owner of Beer Metal Media. Creator/Host of The Beer Metal Show Podcast & It Came from the Cellar Podcast

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  1. Awesome stuff bro 😛 Love the trades! Keep up the good work 🙂 !! Thank you for the shout out and cheers to many more 😀

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