Beer Review: SlapShot Brewing Co. Stick to the Nuts


Brewery: SlapShot Brewing Company
Beer: Stick to the Nuts!
Style: American Brown Ale
ABV: 5.2%
Character: Brewed with peanut butter
Ratings at the Time of Review: BA: n/a | RB: 61
Metal Connection: ABHORRANCE – My Nuts… Your Chin… Connection!

Rating: 4.5/5

StickToTheNutsNow, why the Hell would I not want to get a bottle of a beer called Stick to the Nuts!? SlapShot Brewing Company are obvious hockey fans. The name Slapshot is a hard shot made by raising the stick about waist-high before striking the puck with a sharp slapping motion. The logo of the brewery looks like a hockey puck. I was very happy to have ordered this beer, and yet again, I need to thank my good buddy, Jorge Espinoza of Anime Beers/Nubis Sanctum Ales for helping me get this beer.

The label is all covered in unopened peanut shells with a circle logo featuring a cartoon peanut in hockey gear, ready to fuck some shit up! The name of this beer is comical, and the label even features the wording in comic-like font style in bright yellow to help make this label pop off the bottle. Also, kudos to SlapShot for putting a Warning label about containing peanuts for those with allergies. Poor people, though, not being able to taste such an awesome thing such as a peanut butter beer.

Poured into a Fredericksburg Brewing Company logo pint glass, Stick to the Nuts! appearance was a semi-hazy dark brown, caramel-like color. The beer was topped with a half inch khaki colored foamy head. There was great head retention, as it stuck around for most of the session, leaving excellent thick cloud-like spots of lacing down the glass.

This beer hits the nose like a ton off bricks with it’s big bold nutty aroma. Right up front, I could pick up on the peanut butter smell, which was followed by the body of sweet caramel, toffee, toasted malts, and a little cocoa. Lingering peanut smell in the nose.

The taste is like the nose. There was a big flavor of peanut butter that hit the palate first, and stayed underneath the other flavors until the end. Good body of toasted malts, caramel, toffee, and a small hint of cocoa in the flavor. There is a wonderful lingering aftertaste of crunchy peanut butter.

This beer had a slightly heavy body, with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, and ended with a dry finish. This beer had good carbonation with a little fizzy bite to each drink.

Overall, I was very impressed by this beer. Stick to the Nuts! was my first experience with SlapShot Brewing, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. The one thing that really stuck out to me on this beer was the overall factor that it reminded me of crunch peanut butter, which is my favorite style of Peanut Butter. I bet this beer would be perfect on draft, and even on a nitro tap. My God, that would be amazing! If you are ever in the Illinois area seeking out local beers, do yourself a favor and get a Stick to the Nuts! You will enjoy it, I’m sure!

AbhorranceMetal Connection: This one was a bit fun to search for. I had the word “Nuts” in the ‘ol database search. What came up was a fun little tune from California Thrash/Crossover/Punk outfit, Abhorrance called “My Nuts… Your Chin… Connection.” Now, I know I am no genius, but I do believe their band name is misspelled. I know of the word Abhorrence with an “e” towards the end. Oh well, I don’t know the reasoning for the band name, as I found very minimal info on this band. I do know that Abhorrance was formed in 1998, and have released one EP, and one full length album, The Right Disease, which is where this song comes from. The Right Disease was released back in 2005, and was the band’s last studio offering to this date, even though their page still says that they are an active band. The song, “My Nuts… Your Chin… Connection” is all about their hatred towards the kids who make up the scenes now a days, with their fashion show appearance, no integrity, and their lack of support for local music. Here is a small part of the lyrics to this song…

When you’re too punk for punk
Buy an emo sweater and claim post-suck-my-cock
It’s a vanity circus
Toting around a fashion side-show
False-metal fucking sucks and
And you should be hanged by your seventh string
Just ’cause you’ve fucked all the bands
Only makes you a whore

SlapShot Brewing Company | Abhorrance


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