Beer Review: Pipeworks Brewing Company Just Drink it, Dummy!


Brewery: Pipeworks Brewing Company
Beer: Just Drink it Dummy
Style: American Double/Imperial IPA
ABV: 8%
Character: Brewed with Sorachi Ace Hops
Ratings at the time of Review: BA: 88 | RB: 90
Metal Connection: VOIVOD – Twin Dummy

BeerMetalDude Rating: 5/5

dummyHere is one of those beers that just had to make it up on this page. I mean, just look at the name and label of this damned thing. I am very grateful for my friend, Jorge Espinoza of & Nubis Sanctum Ales. Without having a friend like him, I would never get to get great beers like this one right here. I have been able to try many Pipeworks Brewing beers since early February, 2014, and I have been very pleased with all of them. None of them to this point has scored lower than a 4/5 from me. I love how these guys think outside the box when it comes to their beers, whether it be with their names, their labels, or the beer itself.

Alright, let’s get down to it. This beer has a very funny looking label. This one looks like a piece of notebook paper with every word had written with a sharpie marker. Everything from the name of the beer, the company name, the description of the beer, and basically, every word on this label is hand written. The main picture is a bearded face, that is a very amateurish cartoon-like drawing. Apparently, is of one of their employees named Mike Schallau. I give mad props to Pipeworks for putting out such a crazy label.

 I poured this beer into the specialty IPA glass, which was appropriate for the style. Just Drink it, Dummy poured a nice hazy, bright orange color, which was topped with a large 2 inch white foamy head. There was great retention as a thin layer atop the beer, leaving excellent web-like lacing down the glass.

The aroma of this beer was very crisp, and zesty. There were notes of lemony, acidic fruits, orange and lemon rind, along with some pine, grass, very mild toffee, nuts, and some herbs like dill in the nose. Super fresh smelling beer.

The taste is very hop driven, for sure. Lemon and orange peel dominate. There is a good amount of dill herbs present. I am able to pick up on some pine, grass, and some toffee candy bar. There is a long lasting aftertaste of orange juice.

This beer has a medium body, with a harsh mouthfeel with a strong bitter bite, and a dry finish.

This beer is for you out there who love the West Coast style IPA. This is complete citrus with a good amount of accompanying characters.Overall, this beer was amazing. I love a good citrus flavored IPA. I drank this beer pretty fresh. I have seen recent check ins to this beer where people are stating that it is very malty. I am assuming that they are drinking an old bottle, cause I can tell you that this beer was nothing close to being a heavy malty beer. I hope, for your drinking pleasure, that Pipeworks brews this beer again, so you can get your hands on a fresh bottle.

voivodAngelRatMetal Connection: Metal’s Sci-fi juggernauts, Voivod is this beer’s Metal Connection. Voivod is one of Metal’s true pioneers, and a lot of Thrash Metallers favorite bands. These Canadian thrashers started out in 1981, and put out some killer Thrash Metal albums with War and Pain (1984), Rrröööaaarrr (1986), and Killing Technology (1987). Around the time when the band put out their 4th studio album, Dimension Hatröss (1988), they changed to a more Progressive Metal style, losing some fans, but gaining a whole new set of fans, as well. Voivod’s 1991 studio release, Angel Rat was the album where this Metal Connection comes from. On this album, they sound more like a metalized New Wave band. I know this isn’t a favorite album among a lot of my friends, but I found the track, “Twin Dummy” most fitting for this Metal Connection.


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