Beer Review: (512) Brewing Company Peach Sour


Brewery: (512) Brewing Company
Beer: Peach Sour
Style: American Wild Ale
ABV: 6%
Character: After aging in large oak barrels for two months, 200 pounds of fresh peaches were added and allowed it to age another twelve months.
Ratings at time of Review: BA: n/a | RB: 92
Metal Connection: CONFESSOR – Sour Times

BeerMetalDude Rating: 4/5

PeachSour(512) Brewing Company, named after the area code of their home base city of Austin, TX is one brewery that I have been drinking beers from for many years. All of the beers I have had, I gave a more than average rating, as I find that their beers to be pretty damn good, making (512) Brewing one of my favorite Austin breweries. Majority of their beers are draft release only, but their “Of the Wood” series are released in limited amount of bottles. Luckily I was able to pick up a couple of bottles of this beer, Peach Sour, at my local Craft Beer bottle shop.

I poured this beer into a Jester King Brewery teku beer glass, which is a beer glass style normally used for sour beers. Peach Sour poured a semi-hazy dark orange color which was topped with a 1/2 inch bubbly head, which quickly disappeared leaving no lacing at all on the glass.

The aroma was very faint, actually. A sour funkiness dominated the nose, combined with a light scent of peaches, oak wood, and a light bready character. The lingering aroma is the same as the aroma body, oak wood, light bread, light peaches, and some sour funkiness.

The taste was all sour funk tartness up front. After I took some big gulps, the peaches then appeared, hitting the taste buds. The sweet peach shines the most at the end and lingers in the throat for a while. There was light flavors of oak wood and white bread behind the sourness and peach flavor, but very faint. The peach taste was definitely stronger than the aroma.

The body was light-medium in thickness. The mouthfeel was crisp and tart with a slick smoothness. Nice tat and dry finish that worked well with the lingering peach flavor

Overall, as I highly enjoyed this beer, it was lacking body, and I wish the peach and oak wood flavors were more dominant than they were. I was still very happy to have bought this bottle. I would buy this beer again if or when they release a new batch. I remember a time when I did not like sour beers, but now with so many out there on the market, I have learned to like them, and now find me adding selected ones to the top of my list.

CONFESSORMetal Connection: Confessor from North Carolina is a Doom Metal band that has a pretty rocky career. They began in 1986, and after a series of demos, they finally released their debut full length album, Condemned, in 1991 on Earache Records. The band split up in 1994 while working on their follow up album. They were to later reform in 2002 for a tribute concert for one of their ex-guitarists who had passed away. They stayed together and released their 2nd full length album, Unraveled, in 2005 on Season of Mist. The music was more darker, more depressing, and a much deeper vocal approach by Scott Jeffreys. At times, especially on the song chosen for this Metal Connection, “Sour Times,” he reminds me a lot of Dax Riggs of Acid Bath. This is the perfect song to kick back to while enjoying a good sour beer such as Peach Sour by (512) Brewing Company.


Author: BeerMetalDude

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