New Metal Monday 06/27/16: GEVURAH


Band: Gevurah
Location: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
Genre: Black Metal
Newest Release: Hallelujah! (Full Length)
Release Date: 06/03/16
Label: Profound Lore Records


GevurahI believe the band, Gevurah formed around 2010-2011, as their first release was a 3-aong demo cassette was independently released at the end of 2011. The band was formed and still consists of 2 core members, A.L. (Guitars, Bass), and X.T. (Vocals, Drums, Guitars). According to their line-up page on Metal-Archives, they do have a couple of session members that they use for live performances.

After 2 demos, and one EP, Necheshirion, released through Profound Lore Records in2013, Gevurah recently released their debut full length album, Hallelujah!, also through Profound Lore Records. This album features 7 tracks, including a 19:47 epic tune, הללויה (translates to Hallelujah) to close out the album.


The shortest track on the album, “Cosmic Putrefaction” is the song I chose for this week’s Song of the Week. It is a crushing tune of pure pain and blasphemy. After a 40 second intro, the song kicks in with buzz saw guitars, blasting beats, and painfully screamed vocals by member, X.T. The vocals are not too high pitched or screechy, but rather more of a Black/Death Metal style, which is a mid-range style, and semi-understandable. This song gets a bit Doom-like towards the last quarter of the song.

Please support this great band, and purchase their album and merchandise here.


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