New Metal Monday 07/04/16: RAGE


Band: Rage
Location: Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
Genre: Heavy/Speed/Power Metal
Newest Release: The Devil Strikes Again (Full Length)
Release Date: 06/10/16
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


The band Rage began back in 1983, when they were known as Avenger. Under the Avenger moniker, they released several demos, and EP and 1 full length album, Prayers of Steel. In 1986, they changed their name to Rage and have been active since to this day. Under the name Rage, they have released a shit load of recordings including demos, EPs, boxed sets, live albums, live videos, and 20 full length albums. What a great career, if you ask me.

Peter “Peavy” Wagner, the band’s bassist, and lead vocalist is the only original member since the Avenger days. Since their beginning, the band has played a mixture of Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, and Power Metal. Throughout their 22 albums (1 as Avenger, 21 as Rage) they made every album different in their own unique way. Wagner’s vocals at times, for me, seem to not really fit, but that gives them their own sound. I mean do all of you really think that Tom Araya is a great singer?


This past month, the band released The Devil Strikes Again on Nuclear Blast Records. This week’s Song of the Week is the title track. The song starts off with a killer Speed Metal type riff heard right off a 1980’s album. When the drums come in, it helps make this song a total pit inducing power force. When the verses are sung, it really reminds me of old Sacred Reich style deliverance of the words, and even in the background riff. Then comes the chorus, which is a Power Metal style sound. God damn, this song is all over the place, bringing in all their influences and styles together in one track. All I know is, I was headbanging the entire time this song was playing, and I am sure that you will as well.

Please enjoy the song “The Devil Strikes Again” from the band Rage!


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