New Metal Monday 07/18/16: DECEPTIONIST


Band: Deceptionist
Location: Rome, Lazio (Italy)
Genre: Technical/Brutal Death Metal
Newest Release: Initializing Irreversible Process (Full Length)
Release Date: 06/17/16
Label: Unique Leader Records

Well, first of all, running a blog site is not easy at times, especially when I am trying to post certain things on certain days. You know, like this one here with New Metal Monday to go along side adding the Song of the Week. I had to skip last week’s post, because I did not have time to work on the damned thing. Oh well, here we are, picking up again. Thanks for understanding…

It has been a while since I have featured a Unique Leader band on the Song of the Week section on this site. This label is the host for some of the most technical, and brutal Death Metal bands from around the planet. I mean, it has to be, right, the label is ran by members of the band, Deeds of Flesh from California. I recently posted an older Spawn of Possession song as the Metal Connection for a beer review. Check it out, so you can hear some more of the style of Death Metal that made this label popular.


Deceptionist from Italy is one of the newest bands on the Unique Leader roster, recently debuting their first ever full length album, Initializing Irreversible Process on the label. This debut album features 10 tracks of pure technical brutal Death Metal. These guys do not hold back at all. From this album, I chose the song “Quest for Identity” for this week’s Song of the Week.

“Quest for Identity” is a perfect example of what Technical Brutal Death Metal is. The song starts off with a blasting drum beat, fast guitar riff and deep grunting Death Metal vocals right away, and never let’s up. The riff at the 1:17 mark of the song is my favorite, and heavily reminds me of the style of riffs my old bands would play. At times I do miss playing in a band, but 99.9% of the time, I am glad I don’t do it anymore. Haha!

Their lyrical content consists of bio-mechanical themes, so the production on this album fits perfectly. Usually there is fine line between good and bad triggered drum sounds, and usually I would classify these as bad, but I believe it works with this band to best suit their lyrical theme. Listen below to see what I mean…

Please support this great band, and buy some merchandise here.


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