Beer Review: Jester King Brewery Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer


Brewery: Jester King Brewery
Beer: Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer (Batch 17, Bottled 10/6/15)
Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 2.9%
Character: Brewed as a dry, unspiced, highly attenuated Table Beer. Naturally occurring wild yeasts impart a sense of place to this unfiltered, unpasteurized, 100% naturally conditioned ale.
Ratings at the time of Review: BA: 86 | RB: 82
Metal Connection: AGRESSOR – Prince Of Fire

BeerMetalDude Rating: 4.25/5

lapetiteSo far, Austin’s own Jester King Brewery has been featured here with 5 reviews,and 1 write up about a brewery visit. These guys have been put to cult status among the Craft Beer geeks around the world. Everybody wants to get their hands on their releases, especially their limited releases. Here we have one of their older beers that still gets brewed. This latest batch was batch 17, bottled on 10/6/15. My first time I ever had this beer was back in 2012 at the brewery during one of my visits there.

A table beer is a strange beer due to their very low ABV. In fact, Le Petit Prince weighs in at a whopping 2.9%. Of course, this turns people off, and scares those wanting to try new beers. People seem to look for higher alcohol fueled beers instead. I personally was one of the people who went into this beer with low expectations, but was surprised, and ended up ranking this beer a 4.25 out of 5, for being an outstanding beer. Here is my take on this beauty!

I remember seeing this label for the first time and thought to myself that this looked like a sissy version of Abe Sapien from the movie Hellboy. It’s like if they took his face, painted it white, added some pink rosy cheeks, and added a little blonde hair wig on top his head. This character is wearing a regal suit, and is positioned in front of a fancy gold trimmed window with the night sky behind him. As I type this, gazing onto the label, all i hear is Abe Sapien arguing with big ‘ol Red, Hellboy, but now I picture him dressed as this character from this label and being bitch slapped around like a little wuss. Hahaha! Oh well, at least this beer is good!

Poured into a tulip or European pokal style glass, Le Petit Prince was a hazy bright straw yellow color topped with a large 1 inch white fluffy, foamy head. There was good retention, leaving large spotty lacing down the glass.

The nose was straw, hay, barnyard funk, strong pungent lemon, lime, fresh baked white bread loaf. Nothing here was overpowering, and all very subtle and well balanced. The combo of lemon, lime and barnyard funk linger in the nose.

The taste had the same characters as the aroma. This time though, the flavor of lemon and lime were more big, bright and up front. Straw, hay, farmhouse funk, and a nice backbone of yeasty fresh baked white bread loaf. The aftertaste was lemon, lime, and a barnyard funk.

The body was light, mouthfeel is also light, but had a crisp bite. The carbonation was high. The finish was still crisp and clean.

I can say that this is the first Table Beer I ever had the pleasure of tasting. It definitely light in aroma, taste, and alcohol presence. No wonder it was a popular beer choice to enjoy during dinners and such. Normally, I really don’t like to eat and drink at the same time, but I could definitely do the combo of eat & drink with this light offering. I know that when this one comes out it tends to be one of the beers that they distribute to stores, so if you do see this beer, please pick it up, you will not be disappointed unless you are looking for the next bourbon barrel-aged something or another. 

agressorMetal Connection: I really needed to bulk up this review with some powerful stuff here. I found the perfect song to do that for this Metal Connection with Le Petit Prince Table Beer. I give you Agressor from France. These guys have been Death/Thrashing it out since 1986, and are still active to this day. Guitarist, Lead vocalist, Alex Colin-Tocquaine is the only original member of the band, currently. Since their inception, they have released a handful of demos, EP’s, and five full length albums. Our Metal Connection song, “Prince of Fire” comes to us from their debut album, Neverending Destiny from 1990, released on Noise Records. This song is chock full of speed and aggression, which is one thing Agressor has never lacked in their albums. I never picked up this album, sadly. I do own it digitally, but not a physical copy. My first encounter with this French Death/Thrash band was with their 1992 sophomore release, Towards Beyond on Black Mark Productions. I remember buying that CD at a local record store called Flip Side Records. Back then in the early 90’s, people like me used to just buy albums based on the covers since there was no easy access to the music like it is now a days. I hope for those of you getting introduced to this band, that you seek out all their amazing albums.


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