Featured Band: WELTESSER

weltesserlogoBand: Weltesser
Latest Album: Crestfallen
Record Label: Prosthetic Records
Genre: Doom/Sludge Metal
Location: Florida, USA

weltesserbandFlorida-based Doom/Sludge Metal band, Weltesser will be releasing their debut full length album, Crestfallen through the American Metal Record Label, Prosthetic Records. This trio released a digital 4-song demo themselves in 2015. In early 2016, Anarkopop, a label from Indonesia re-released their demo on cassette format.

It did not seem to take the band long to get picked up by a reputable label. Within weeks of this post, their first full length album will be hitting the shelves and sites via Prosthetic Records in a very limited press of 500 copies. This album has 6 tracks, with 2 of those songs, “Rats,” and “Living to Try”, being taken from their 2015 demo.welteseralbum

The featured song this week is the 5-minute long opus, “Rats.” The opening riff is so catchy, sludgy, and just own right kick you in the balls heavy, only to move onto a creepy open chord bridge leading you right into an even heavier, and catchier main riff. The vocals don’t kick in until a little after 2 minutes of pure sludgy heaviness. There is a slight increase of speed for about 15-20 secords, but Weltesser brings the song right back to heavy open chord awesomeness. Check out the song below!


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