Beer Review: Tin Roof Brewing Company Not Too Sweet Watermelon Wheat

Brewery: Tin Roof Brewing Company
Beer: Not Too Sweet Watermelon Wheat
Style: American Pale Wheat Ale/Fruit Beer
ABV: 5%
Character: Brewed with watermelon
Ratings: BA: — | RB: 28
Metal Connection: Deranged – Suffering, the Sweet Suffering

BeerMetalDude Rating: 4/5

A few months ago one of my old co-workers, and still really good friend, Tom went to Louisiana, and like a good friend, he brought back some beers and gave me a few different ones.This tasty little gem was one of those. I thank him highly for the chance to taste new beers. I have had the pleasure of having several different beers by Tin Roof over the past few years due to friends who brought back some beers for me. So grateful for the group of friends that I have!

This can is awesome! The main wrap design is colored to look like the outside of a watermelon. It has a pattern of light and dark green. The brewery logo and top of can is colored a shade of red like the inside of a watermelon. This design gives you the idea on what to expect from the beer inside.

Poured into a Libbey Pilsner Glass, this beer appeared a hazy bright yellow color topped with 1 inch white foamy head. There was a thin layer retention, leaving small spots of lacing down the glass.

This one had a well balanced aroma as nothing was overpowering. The scent of watermelon was like watermelon punch. There were hints of wheat, straw/hay, strawberry, fruit punch, and biscuit bread characteristics. Watermelon punch and wheat linger in the nose.

This is just like biting right into a watermelon slice. The watermelon taste hits the palate first. Just like the name suggests, it’s not too sweet, but just a tad little bite of sweetness. The wheat, straw, hay flavors follow soon after, along with biscuit bread. The tail end after each swill is flavor of strawberry, and watermelon fruit punch.

The body of Not too Sweet Watermelon Wheat was light, but not watery, just light. The mouthfeel was slick and mouth coating. There was a mild carbonation. The finish was still slick and mouth coating, but faded to a nice dry feeling that worked well with the aftertaste.

There are a lot of watermelon beers that have hit the market in the recent past. Some of them being way too cloying sweet, and others just flat out being fucking disgusting. Luckily for me, and for Tin Roof Brewing, this one falls into the good beer category. I was highly pleased with the overall balance of this beer. I liked this it was not too sweet. This is definitely a beach beer. It would be nice to get a hold of another can.

Metal Connection: This one was fun to find. I ran with the idea of finding a Metal song that is “not too sweet,” just like the name of the beer suggests. One quick look through the database, and I came across an old classic, and favorite of mine from back in my youth. I am talking about Sweden’s Death Metal band, Deranged. These death gore mongers started back in 1991, around the rise of the Underground Death/Grind scene. Their debut album, Rated-X came out in 1995 on Repulse Records from Spain. I just fell in love with their sickness, speed and brutality. Ever since this album I was a fan and collected all their albums to this day. Each being their own powerhouse of violence, death, and gore. Their 5th studio album, Plainfield Cemetery came out in 2002 on Listenable Records from France. On this album there is a wonderful tune called “Suffering, the Sweet Suffering.” I thought this was a fitting song since it deals with murder, torture, and is not too sweet.


Author: BeerMetalDude

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