Featured Band: The Great Old Ones

tgoologoBand: The Great Old Ones
Latest Album: EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy
Record Label: Season of Mist
Genre: Post-Black Metal
Location: Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France

tgoobandI really do love the Featured Band/Song of the Week feature on this site. It helps me discover new bands all the time. Here we have a Post-Black Metal band from France known as The Great Old Ones, who I just discovered today, even though the band has been around since 2009, and have released 3 full length albums to this day. Their latest album, EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy, which was just released at the end of January, 2017 on Season of Mist.

The term Post-Black Metal is something for the new young bands in today’s underground music scene. A lot of my fellow old schoolers are not into this style of music, as this new genre, even though embedded within the Black Metal style, it has really taken the music of a certain generation and modernized it, and at times just a bit too much. Of course, the look of yesteryear’s Black Metal bands is no more, as with everything in the world, time is changing. I will give everything a chance, and I will try to find the good out of the unwanted weeds growing in the scene. T.G.O.O. is one of those good bands I found.

tgooalbumTaken from their latest album, the song for this week’s feature is “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.” This is a 9:24 long epic journey through H.P. Lovecraft’s fantasy universe. In fact, the whole band is themed around this, as the band name is even taken from this same universe. The song starts off fast, and furious with razor sharp guitars, blasting drum beats, and screeching vocals. Take a little bit of early 2000’s Dimmu Borgir, some Amon Amarth, a bit of new Behemoth, and some Wolves in the Throne Room and you have the sound created during this song here. Sure, not entirely the most “underground cult” description, but this is just what I hear when jamming to “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.”


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