Retro Beer Review: Divine Brewing Company Teufelweizen (2012)

Brewery: Divine Brewing Company
Beer: Teufelweizen
Style: Weizenbock
ABV: 9.2%
Character: This beer is bottled “sur lies” which results in a natural carbonation.
Ratings: BA: — | RB: 88
Metal Connection: TOM ANGELRIPPER – Der Teufel hat den Schnaps gemacht

BeerMetalDude Rating: 4.5/5

As you all know, I procrastinate, and even run out of time for shit in my life, so from time to time, I have to put an old “retro review” up on my site cause it never made it when originally drank. No biggie, I still love to include these reviews with my old tasting notes, as I see people still checking into these beers on Untappd. Once again, as usual, I have to send a big thanks to my Cali buddy, Jorge Espinoza ( for helping me get this bottle into my wicked hands.

This beer is somewhat of a mystery beer to me. When I first purchased this beer, it was on and at that point I had never heard of this beer or Divine Brewing Company, and to tell you the truth, to this day I still haven’t heard of this beer or the brewing company. The Untappd page links us to their Facebook page which hasn’t had any updates since 2015. The actual website for Divine Brewing Company takes us to a page that just says”Coming Soon!” On the Untappd listing for this brewery, there are only 3 beers on there. There is this beer, Teufelweizen, added to Untappd on 2011, Engelen Tarwe, a Belgian Tripel, added to Untappd 2012, then there is a beer called Illemonati/Dank Me Ousside IPA, added to Untappd in 2017, but this beer does not seem to really be theirs, as there are only 2 check ins from the same night. Looks like a homebrew check in, even though it was tied to Divine Brewing Company.

The latest weird thing I see is that there are posts on the abandoned Facebook page linking people to Plow Brewing Company. I went to this site, and saw that Plow Brewing was started by a guy named Kevin Robinson, the same guy who is said to be behind Divine Brewing Co. In the “Our Story” page on Plow, it goes into details about Mr. Robinson’s brewing life including being a brewer at Lagunitas Brewing Company, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, and Russian River Brewing Company. There is no mention of Divine Brewing at all in that story. I don’t know, but my twisted mind put this crazy horror-mystery tale together. I’m sure it’s not so weird though, but I can be imaginative.

This one I bought clearly for the name alone, Teufel is a German word translated to Devil in English. The simple label added to the twisted horror-mystery story I was conjuring up in my head. The label is black with a faded dark gray symbol, which could be a letter D for divine, but not really too sure, taking up the background. The name Teufelweizen written in a fancy handwriting font in white. The year, the bottle size, and beer info are the only other things on here. Those are written small and in red. That is all. Ooooh, creepy! Ha ha!

Alright, now that I got all that cooky stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the beer itself. I poured this beer into my Satan beer logo snifter glass, which I thought was pretty appropriate given that Teufel means Devil. This beer poured a dark mahogany brown color topped with a light tan colored frothy 1 inch head, which retained very nicely throughout this session, leaving an excellent sheet of lacing down the glass.

The aroma was big, bold, and full of a well blended cast of characters. Right up front my nose was hit with roasted dark malts giving off a caramel or toffee aroma, followed by some peppery spices. Some nice hints of chocolate, and subtle coffee appear, rounded off by dark fruits, and banana. The lingering aroma in the nose is made up of banana, dark fruits, and chocolate.

The taste follows the nose with roasted dark malts with caramel and toffee notes hitting the palate first. Chocolate and subtle coffee flavors follow. There is a nice underlining flavor of peppery spices behind the body of fruit flavors of this beer, including dark fruits and banana. The aftertaste is banana, dark fruits and chocolate.

The body was a bit thick, which complimented the flavors of this beer perfectly. The mouthfeel was smooth and oily, with a moderate carbonation bite.

Overall, I really dug this beer, and seeing as this 2012 released beer had held up magnificently to January 2015 when I drank this bottle, I am sure the people drinking this same year now are experiencing something quite wonderful. The fruits and candy flavors were still popping after three years. So, if you have a bottle of this beer still and want to let me know how it is, please comment below. I am really curious to know the true story of this Divine Brewing Company, by the way. Feel free to fill me in on that as well.

Metal Connection: This one was a fun find, and actually introduced me to a new world of things. Tom Angelripper is the bassist/vocalist for the iconic German Speed/Thrash Metal band, Sodom. Since 1995, he has had a side band under the name Onkel Tom Angelripper (aka Tom Angelripper). With this side band, he has played Thrash Metal covers of German drinking songs, and folk-like tunes. This is pretty much just a strange, unique, and fun way to get drunk and blow off some steam, I suppose.

Back in 1996, our dear old Onkel (Uncle) Tom Angelripper released the Ein Schöner Tag… (A Beautiful Day…) full length album on GUN Records. On this album, he recorded “Der Teufel hat den Schnaps gemacht” (The devil made the liquor), originally by Udo Jürgens. The fun Metal version here is a song you want to crank up to 11, and get ready to get shitfaced. You just might learn to speak German, and ant to sing along with the raspy Angelripper voice.

After doing a little research on this song, I came across a video on YouTube of Udo Jürgens performing the song on what appears to be an old German TV show called Die Aktuelle Schaubude (The Actual Show). I enjoyed the original version of this song, and I was intrigued by the video, as when Udo Jürgens passes in front of the main table with the show’s logo, the big gold coin logo on the wall has a very clear 666 right in the middle. Another thing that blew me away was the very pretty female he was sitting next to at the beginning of the video, then again she appears as he walks by her. She has these hypnotizing eyes beautiful smile and hair. It took me some time, but I found out that this alluring lady is named Olivia Molina, a German-Mexican singer. She was a genuine hottie in her younger years, for sure. Check her out here.

Anyway, enjoy this cover tune by Tom Angelripper! Cheers!


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