Beer Review: Gigantic Brewing Company Scrilla

Brewery: Gigantic Brewing Company
Beer: Scrilla
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%
Character: Brewed with Citra, Crystal, and Simcoe Hops
Ratings: BA: 3.79 | Untappd: 3.77
Metal Connection: TROLLFEST – Gigantic Cave

BeerMetalDude Rating: 4/5

Here we have the 4th review posted of a Gigantic Brewing Company’s beer. For those that don’t know about this Portland, Oregon brewery, they produce just a couple of year round IPA’s, and a shit ton of seasonal beers, which most are only brewed once. So, in other words, when you see their beers at your local Craft Beer spot, Buy the mother fuckers, because you may never see them again. This one is #45 from the brewery. This American Pale Ale is named “Scrilla.” To be honest, I had no fucking idea what the Hell that meant. I actually had to Google that word to find out that is means money. Oh, and apparently there is a rapper by this name too. I really thought about not putting this beer on this site, but since I enjoyed this beer, I just said said fuck it, and here we are.

To go along the Hip-Hop themed beer, the artwork features a little character named Bill Luminuti. His head is the all seeing eye pyramid found on dollar bills. He has a fat body dressed in a suit, like a politician or business man. He does have a sideways baseball cap resting atop his pointed head though. He is holding a bottle of his own beer, which I thought looked kind of funny. Some scrolls and text similar to the dollar bill finishes off the art piece here. Just like every other beer from Gigantic Brewing Company, this label art is drawn by a different artist. Scrilla was drawn by artist, Overton Loyd, who is known for drawing the cover art for the 1978 album, Motor Booty Affair by the Funk band, Parliament. To complete this label in Rap fashion, the tag line for this beer is “I like big bucks and I cannot lie.” Come on man…

I used a barrel-shaped glass by Tupps Brewery for this beer. Scrilla poured a clear copper color topped with a 1/2 inch white foamy head. Great head retention with a sheet of lacing down the glass. Excellent looking beer.

The aroma was piney, and floral up front, mixed with some mild dankness, and some sweet sugar candy. Fresh baked white bread filled up the nose behind the hop profile.

Taste wise, this beer was exactly like the nose. The characters all fell in the same order.  Piney and floral up front, with plant like greenery, and some mild dankness mixed in. Sweet sugar candy, and fresh baked white bread loaf made up the backbone of this beer’s taste.

The body was light-medium as far as thickness. The mouthfeel was mildly oily and this one finished the same.

Overall, I really enjoyed this beer. All the hop varieties were present in aroma and taste. The body and backbone of this beer was balanced perfectly as well. I have really enjoyed the beers from Gigantic, and am really happy that they are available here in my great city of San Antonio now. I no longer have to trade for them or try to buy them online. I forgive them for this rap crap, as they have a couple of very exciting Metal beers, which will be reviewed here soon. Keep an eye out!

Metal Connection: Well I knew damn well I was not going to find a perfect match here for the name Scrilla, so I found a match for Gigantic. Since I think the name of this beer and label are beyond dumb, I found a pretty dumb Metal counterpart with the Norwegian Folk Metal band, Trollfest. I don’t know much about this band, other than they look funny, and their music sounds funny, so I thought this was a perfect fit here. According to their bio, their lyrics are written in Trollspråk (Troll Language in Norwegian). Yeah, exactly! Here is the song “Gigantic Cave” from their latest 2017 full length album, Helluva, released on Napalm Records. The song is fast paced and definitely has that Folk-like style to it. Of course, yes, the lyrics are in troll language. Oh, by the way, they have a saxophone player in the band. Death/Blackish vocals with some clean vocals from male and female singers. So Troll Language and most of all Rap lyrics basically sound the same to me. Enjoy some Trollfest while you sip on your Scrilla.


Author: BeerMetalDude

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