Beer Review: Odell Brewing Company Piña Agria

Brewery: Odell Brewing Company
Beer: Piña Agria
Style: American Wild Ale
ABV: 6.5%
Character: Aged for 9 months with pineapple, lactobacillus, and brettanomyces
Ratings: BA: 4.07/5 | Untappd: 3.96/5
Metal Connection: GRAVE DIGGER – Wild and Dangerous

BeerMetalDude Rating: 5/5

According to my Untappd account, I have checked into close to 30 different beers by this Colorado brewery known as Odell Brewing Company. 2013 was my first encounter with this brewery when a friend of mine was visiting us from Colorado, and she had brought me a bunch of different beers that weren’t found here at that time. Since then though, Odell is now widely distributed here in San Antonio, and I have been damn happy about that since day one.

Nothing fancy about this design of the beer label, but this one really didn’t need that, as the beer inside this bottle was excellent in every way possible. This white label features a dark yellow splatter-like drawing of a pineapple with the name of the beer written inside of it in a handwriting font. The bottle was topped with cork and cage.

I poured this beer into a Prairie Artisan Ales fish head logo snifter glass. The beer’s appearance was a slightly hazy beautiful golden honey color that was topped with a large 1 inch white foamy head. Mild head retention, as it faded to a thin layer atop the beer leaving minimal lines of lacing.

I loved the aroma of this beer, as the pineapple was dominant and up front. Pure pineapple juice. Behind the fruit is a nice balance of floral, earthy, sour funk, and sweet bready malts.

Just like the aroma of this beer, the tart acidic pineapple flavor hits the palate first, and is very strong. I loved this fact. There is a great body of floral, earthy, and sour funk flavors. At the end of each sip, the sweet bready malts show up, and as the flavor fades, I was picking up additional notes of passion fruit and guava.

This one had a medium sized body, with mild carbonation present. The mouthfeel was acidic and a bit prickly, and had a dry finish which worked well with the tail end flavors of this beer.

Overall, this beer exceeded my expectations, but who am I kidding, this is Odell Brewing, right? They usually don’t really do anything wrong. I love pineapple, so this was the obvious reason for me even purchasing this beer. There are some fruited beers out there that don’t really showcase the added fruit, and this one is definitely not like that. Pure fucking pineapple.

Metal Connection: Finding a Metal song that would pair with this beer seemed too difficult, as there are more than likely ZERO bad ass Metal songs about pineapples! I ended up pairing the style of beer with this Metal Connection, so American Wild Ale, please meet “Wild and Dangerous” by the German Heavy Metal band, Grave Digger. This band has been kicking ass since 1980, and still going strong as they released their 18th studio full length album earlier this year. Way to fuckin’ go guys! The song for this Metal Connection comes from an EP called Symphony of Death that was released back in 1994.


Author: BeerMetalDude

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