Song of the Week 12/18/17 & Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Tropical Torpedo IPA

Yeah yeah, before you start telling me shit for those that noticed, I didn’t exactly put this video up on Monday December 18th, as I planned to. Well, Fuck man, I was a bit busy with the Christmas party at my wonderful place of business that day. Huge shout out to 8th Wonder Brewery. We were fucked up!!!

Anyway, check out this week’s amazing New Metal Monday a.k.a. Song of the Week. I found a killer fucking Death Metal/Grindcore band from Germany named Task Force Beer. Perfect and fitting name for this site, don’t ya think?

I also feature a beer review of Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo IPA. Please click the video below to see the content. I appreciate your visit. Oh, by the way, I do kind of go off on a rant about cheap mother fucking Metal heads who make fun of Craft Beer a bit. Ah, fuck ’em, they deserve it. I’m sure I will rant frequently on this subject from time to time. OK, cheers, and enjoy the video!



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