Song of the Week 12/25/17 & Harpoon Brewery 100 Barrel Series #60 Frost Hammer

HO’s HO’s HO’s everywhere and a Merry XXX-Mas to all you Mother Fuckers out there! Hope you all had a happy holiday, no matter what your beliefs are! This edition of New Metal Mondays was made with holiday cheer! Ha Ha! I figured I’d end 2017 with a killer Black Metal band, Blodskut from Germany. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Also, despite being under the weather with heavy flu-like symptoms all weekend long, I was able to do one beer review for this episode. I chose a song perfectly fitting for Black Metal, Harpoon Brewery‘s Frost Hammer Doppelbock. This beer is part of their 100 Barrel Series as entry #60. Please check out the video below to get the full info on this week’s Song of the Week, and the featured beer review.

Cheers, and happy return your shitty gifts to the store day!




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