BeerMetalShow 2 | Craft Beer Reviews + Extreme Metal

Greetings Corpse Carvers an Craft Beer Drinkers, I am your host, Aaron Mendiola aka The Beer Metal Dude and welcome to Episode 2 of The Beer Metal Show Podcast.

Here we do Craft Beer Reviews with a nice little touch called The Metal Connection, where I pair a fun family friendly Metal song with the featured beer. I have been doing so since 2013 with my blog site, Recently I have decided to make a podcast, thus creating The Beer Metal Show.

So excited to be presenting you episode #2 with some amazing Craft Beers. This week the beers are all from the US. First up we will be talking about Apex Predator, a Saison/Farmhouse Ale by Off Color Brewing from Chicago, IL followed by Biere Joi from Bayou Teche from Louisiana. This one is a Belgian Dubbel brewed with a local coffee from their area then aged in oak barrels with cocoa nibs and chile d’arbol peppers. OK, next up will be One Barrel Brewing Company’s 5th Element, a Rye IPA, which I normally love, so we’ll see how this one held up to my standards. And finally, the show will end with The Dude’s Brewing Company and their Juicebox series Blood Orange Amber Ale which features cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and hand zested California Blood Oranges.I have some fuckin great Metal Connections to go along with these beer reviews. What an amazing episode this will be.

Host: Aaron “BeerMetalDude” Mendiola
Intro/Background Music by: Pungent Stench, Monstrosity (Metal Connection Intro), and Music Sound Clips from
Recorded at: BeerMetalDude’s Domain (my house)

 Beer Review 1
Off Color Brewing Co. Apex Predator Saison
Metal Connection: LEGION OF THE DAMNED – Nocturnal Predator

 Beer Review 2
Bayou Teche Brewing Co. Biere Joi Belgian Dubbel
Metal Connection: SPLATTERHOUSE – Beast of the Bayou

 Beer Review 3
One Barrel Brewing Co. 5th Element Rye IPA
Metal Connection: NOUMENA – Through the Element

 Beer Review 4
The Dude’s Brewing Co. Blood Orange Amber Ale
Metal Connection: SHITFUCKER – Rock and Roll Freaky Dude


Author: BeerMetalDude

Owner of Beer Metal Media. Creator/Host of The Beer Metal Show Podcast & It Came from the Cellar Podcast

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