Song of the Week 1/22/18 & Prairie Artisan Ales Okie (Vintage 2015)

I am back with another Song of the Week YouTube video. I skipped last week, cause… I can! Ha ha ha! Nah, I was pretty busy with work, and just couldn’t get around to doing a video. Anyway, I am here to introduce you all to a killer fairly new band from Greece called Ectoplasma. Damn, these guys can jam! Old school Death Metal! I am featuring the song “Primeval Haunting” taken from their latest full length album, Cavern of Foul Unbeings, released on Memento Mori. This is what today’s Death Metal should sound like.

I also reached into my cellar and pulled out a doozie of a beer for the Craft Beer review portion of the video. I drank and reviewed Okie, an Imperial Brown Ale aged in Oak Whiskey Barrels by Prairie Artisan Ales. This one was vintage 2015. This damned thing held up nicely.

Check out my video below to hear my thoughts on both the Metal and the Beer.


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