BeerMetalShow 9 | Saison of the Wicked

FINALLY, we have released a new episode. It has been a month since our last episode. We had to take some time off due to some family matters, but we are back, mother fuckers! Did you miss us? Yes… awesome, we love you too. No… Well, Fuck you!

One thing that has not changed in this past month is that we still hate the Hazy and Milkshake IPA craze, and those stupid fuckin’ small stickers they slap on the cans that they expect us to call beer labels. Fuck that!

This is “Saison of the Wicked!” This one is an all Saison/Farmhouse Ale episode featuring four amazing beers from different states in the US. First up, we drank and reviewed Beatitude Passion Fruit Tart Saison by Council Brewing Company from San Diego, California. Next up was Cucumber Farmhouse by Uinta Brewing Company from Salt Lake City, Utah. The third beer after the mid show break was called Mother Night, a Winter Solstice Dark Funky Saison by Noble Rey Brewing Company from Dallas, Texas. Lastly, we ended the show with a bit of a surprise. A friend of mine brought us a bottle recently that we decided to throw into this episode, because, well, we just couldn’t fuckin’ wait to drink this bitch. We are talking about The Devil’s Farmhouse by Schlafly, The Saint Louis Brewery from, well duh, Saint Louis, Missouri.

The title of this episode comes from the song “Season of the Wicked” by the amazing Death Metal giants, Sinister from The Netherlands. We heard some killer fuckin’ songs from Sinister throughout this episode. Please check out these links to hear these awesome songs. Putrefying Remains, Sadistic Intent, Embodiment of Chaos, Into the Forgotten, Afterburner, and Palace of the Fates. All are really great songs. In fact, I had a hard time choosing which songs I wanted to feature here, cause trust me, there were many other songs on my list to be featured.

Metal Connection songs include Master – Faith is Still in Season, Pain – Season of the Reaper, Benediction – Dark is the Season, and Nazghor – Upon the Darkest Season.

As usual, please support these hard-working bands by showing support for them and their respected Record Labels by visiting their sites, purchasing anything released by them from music to merchandise. Do the same for these breweries that release these amazing beers, as well.

We are a proud member of The Hopped Up Network.

Thank you for your support mother fuckers! We appreciate it! Cheers!



Author: BeerMetalDude

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