BeerMetalShow 10 | Haze is Just a Four Letter Word

We have made it to episode #10 without #1, killing each other, and #2, giving up! On this week’s episode we decided to change up a bit and do a whole new format. We invited some San Antonio Craft Beer veterans for a discussion about the latest beer trends. It was our pleasure to have Blake Murrah (former HEB Grocery Beer Dept., former Southern Star Brewing Company Sales Rep), and Jeremy Banas (known for being a published writer and contributor to some well known beer magazines/websites). Mostly we give our opinions on the Haze Craze! We talk about Hazy IPA’s, NEIPA’s, Pastry Stouts, Glitter Beer, and all the other stupid new trends that are out there!

We ended up going into all kinds of subjects during our longest show to date. Don’t worry, we did also drink some beer, and gave our reviews on the beers we drank. We dove right into a NEIPA called Not a Collaboration provided by Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Then I pulled an oldie out of the beer fridge, a 2015 Smoked Porter by Alaskan Brewing Company, which held up beautifully, by the way! We only had time to drink a third beer, and our conversation steered us towards a Berliner Weisse, so we shared a Mikkeller beer by the name of Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Passion Fruit.

There were no Metal Connections on this episode, but there is a featured band, the German Thrash Death Metal band, Holy Moses. They provided us the title song for this episode, “Hate is Just a Four Letter Word” from their 1994 full length album, No Matter What’s the Cause. This is actually a cover song, originally performed by a band called Shock Therapy. Of course, I changed the title to HAZE is Just a Four Letter Word to match our subject matter. I did the best I could to fit some more Holy Moses music into the show, and you could hear some songs being played in the background of us talking. We also featured the songs Queen of Siam, In the Slaughterhouse, Strange Deception, Guns ‘n’ Moses, Malicious Race, Fuck You, Hell on Earth, Rebirthing, Alienation, and Undead Dogs. This put one song from each of their studio full length albums to date. Please check out the songs, and buy their albums, maybe some merch. Show some love to this awesome fuckin’ band!

We really want to thank all you mother fuckers out there for supporting this show and taking the journey with us. We are happy to have made it this far.

We are a proud member of The Hopped Up Network!



Author: BeerMetalDude

Owner of Beer Metal Media. Creator/Host of The Beer Metal Show Podcast & It Came from the Cellar Podcast

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