BeerMetalShow 12 | Boiling Beer

Hello Beer Metal Crusaders. Welcome to episode #12 of The Beer Metal Show, a Podcast that reviews beer and pairs each beer with a Metal Connection. This week’s episode is entitled “Boiling Beer!” Why, cause we’re going to talk about homebrewing or the process of boiling when creating a beer…No, because it’s a play on words of one of my favorite songs by the almighty God Dethroned, which is our featured band this episode.

On this episode we drank and reviewed four amazing beers for listening pleasure. A huge thanks goes out to my good friend, Jorge Espinoza of for hooking us up with three of the four beers. You rule brother! Listen to us babble on about Blood Junkie, an Imperial Red Ale by Three Weavers Brewing Co. in collaboration with Prosthetic Records, Beast from the Far East by Clown Shoes Beer, Shredd Session by Pizza Port Brewing Co. in collaboration with 3 Floyds Brewing Co., and Blast Beast, a Black IPL by Phantom Carriage Brewery in collaboration with Nuclear Blast Records. Talk about a fuckin’ packed show filled with Metal AF beers! We paired each beer with some killer fuckin’ tunes by Wolf, Chrome Division, Belphegor, and Deathcore.

As I said, God Dethroned is the featured band and you can hear some amazing songs from throughout their career including Boiling Blood, God Dethroned, The Somberness of Winter, The Crown for the Morbid, Soul Sweeper, The Grey Race, The Day you Died, and On Fields of Death & Desolation.

As usual, please support the bands featured on our show. They deserve all the support from every single one of you! We use music on our show to showcase and promote all the bands featured.

The breweries as well deserve your support as they are also very hard working people who provide us with their tasty beverages.

Voice Intro by Terry Anderson

Background music provided by Encrypted

The Beer Metal Show logo drawn by Ryan Cronin

We are a proud member of The Hopped Up Network!



Author: BeerMetalDude

Owner of Beer Metal Media. Creator/Host of The Beer Metal Show Podcast & It Came from the Cellar Podcast

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