Video Beer Review: 903 Brewers Balcones Barrel Aged Sasquatch (2016)

Brewery: 903 Brewers
Beer: Balcones Barrel Aged Sasquatch (Vintage 2015)
Style: Imperial Milk/Sweet Stout
ABV: 10.3%
Character: Milk Stout aged in Balcones Whiskey Barrels
Ratings: BeerAdvocate: 3.98/5 | Untappd: 4.16/5
Metal Connection: SPAZZ – Sasquatch II – Leech’s Himalayan Adventure

BeerMetal Rating: 4.5/5

This is episode #2 of 6 Minutes & 66 Seconds in the Beer Cellar. For this video entry, I drank, and dissected Balcones Barrel Aged Sasquatch, an Imperial Milk/Sweet Stout, which was aged in Balcones Whiskey barrels. Then I went ahead and aged this bottle for a coupe of years. This one is actually from their first batch of this beer, released in 2016. Please click the video link below to get the full review.

Metal Connection: For this Metal Connection, I went with the Powerviolence legends, Spazz. This band is a trio that was around from 1992 until 2000. During this time, the band released a fuckin’ high number of releases, including some full length albums, a shit ton of split 7″ records and compilations. I was first introduced to Spazz by my good friend, Arty Flores, known for being a fanzine monster. He now has his new fanzine out right now called Mondo Sleazo. He has been a friend of mine since High School, and since then, we have introduced ourselves to things we love, Metal, Horror Movies, ‘Zines, Sleaze, etc.

Spazz’s bassist/vocalist, Chris Dodge is also known for owning Slap-A-Ham Records, who released some amazing albums by other Powerviolence, Grindcore bands. Right now, Dodge is part of a new D-Beat, Crust Punk, Powerviolence, and Hardcore hybrid band known as Trappist. These dudes are all about Craft Beer, and it is amazing! We will talk about Trappist in whole one day on the podcast, hopefully with a full interview. For now though, let’s talk about Spazz, and their song, Sasquatch II – Leech’s Himalayan Adventure.

For obvious reasons, this song is the Metal Connection for 903’s Balcones Barrel Aged Sasquatch. There wasn’t a lot of choices of songs with Sasquatch in the title, but I am glad it turned out to be this band. Spazz is a band not afraid to show off their sense of humor with their song titles and lyrics. This song seems to be about the Himalayan leech. Cool thing, is that it has the word Sasquatch in the title, so I am able to use this song here on our site. This song first appeared on the 1995 split album with the band, Subversion. It later appeared on a compilation album called Sweatin’ II – Deported Live Dwarf, released in 2000 by 625 Thrashcore Records, which by the way, is owned by SPAZZ drummer/vocalist, Max Ward. Here is a minute and change of pure power! Enjoy some SPAZZ!

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