Beer Review: Harpoon Brewery Lime-y Vice

Brewery: Harpoon Brewery
Beer: Lime-y Vice
Style: Gose
ABV: 4.7%
Character: Brewed with Sea salt, coriander, and lime.
Ratings: BeerAdvocate: 3.69/5 | Untappd: 3.43/5
Metal Connection: RAZOR – Miami

BeerMetal Rating: 5/5

Gose beers have quickly become one of my favorite styles. I rarely find one I don’t like. It would have to be complete shit for me to even remotely hate the beer I am drinking. Real Ale Brewing Company here in Texas, led me to believe that no other Gose could touch theirs, but over time I have had some real fucking winners. Just like this one here. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, I really enjoy Harpoon Brewery beers. I know that they are not leading the charge in new trends, which is what I really like about them.

Lime-y Vice, which by the way, is a very clever name. I really enjoy the can art to go along with this one. More on that later. This Gose is brewed with sea salt, coriander, and lime. I love these added ingredients to a Gose. Salt is usually a key element in this style, and by adding the coriander and lime, it really pops.

Alright, let’s get talking about this cool can. With the can being majority white in color, it really helped make the artwork on here pop right off the can. Wrapped around the can are light blue waves that looks like wave clip art, similar to a finger print. It’s faint, so it’s not the main focus. Harpoon is written in their normal font logo, but in yellow faded to green gradient, with a pink-ish outline and shadow. Below that is the key part to this can. The name of the beer, Lime-y Vice, written out in the font similar to the old TV Show, Miami Vice. Lime-y starts off green on top and fades to yellow. The word Vice is colored the same pink color as the shadow behind their logo. It looks very 1980’s retro style. I have been getting into this dark synth wave music that is also very retro in he style of music and artwork, so this can fits right into things that are interesting to me right now. I feel like playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City, or watching Scarface while drinking this.

I poured this beer into a snifter glass by Bitter Sisters Brewing Company. The appearance is a slightly hazy bright golden straw color. The initial pour left a small thin layer white bubbly head on top, but it quickly dissipated, leaving no lacing at all down the glass as I drank this. Very solid looking Gose.

The aroma is herbal, spicy, fruity, and sour. The main things I am picking up in the aroma is the sea salt and lime. It’s pretty dominant. There is a spicy herbal aroma that soon follows the salted fruit. Shit, I am even getting a small amount of floral as well. There is also some wheat or hay thrown in the mix. Of course, the tart sourness is present in the nose, as well as some medium acidity. The lingering aroma left in the nose is back to the salted limes.

Th flavor is like the nose. Dominant in the salted lime flavor, followed closely by the floral herbal spiciness. There was moderate acidity, and refreshing tart sourness. Wheat or hay-like flavors are mild in the background behind the dominant flavors. Damn, as this beer warmed up the salted limes just fucking punch you in the face. It feels like I just ate the damn fruit. So I will say that the aftertaste is exactly that, salted lime wedges, which I do love to eat. This just doesn’t hurt my teeth.

The body was definitely light. The mouthfeel was very smooth. The moderate acidity added a bit of a sting, but not much. It was was more smooth than anything else. Mild carbonation. The finish was a bit dry, which worked out perfectly with the aftertaste.

Overall, I went with the highest rating on Untappd. I gave this a 5 out of 5 caps. I have so many friends that say I am too generous, but then I usually tun around and tell them that the are way too picky. I don’t see how a person could go to a bar, order a flight taster, and then just simply bash every single beer they taste. I get it, not every beer is for everyone, but god damn man, lighten up a bit! I don’t even know how this particular Gose doesn’t have a higher rating on BeerAdvocate or Untappd. Oh, I know why! Probably because one person says it sucks, so everybody follows like fucking sheep. Sorry this isn’t a NEIPA or Pastry Stout, or put into a silver can with a dumb fucking small sticker slapped on the side. Sorry there wasn’t a 2-4 hour line wait for this limited released can. Get the Fuck out of here! This beer is amazing, and it displays exactly what it says it did. Enough said!

Metal Connection: The Canadian Speed/Thrash Metal band, Razor returns to the pages of I have used them before as a Metal Connection with Clown Shoes Reindeer Games. This band has a cult status right now in the Metal scene. In case you don’t read the previous beer review featuring Razor, even though I encourage that you do, here is a brief history. Razor began back in 1983, and throughout their career, guitarist, Dave Carlo is the only remaining original member. Bassist, Mike Campagnolo joined in 1984, and has been on and off with the band ever since. Razor did break up in 1992, and had released seven full length albums within that time. They did reform in 1997 and have since only released one album since. I do believe they are still touring though, just haven’t released anything new in quite some time. Well, the song I chose here for the Metal Connection comes from the band’s sixth album, Shotgun Justice, originally released on Fringe Product (no website found), a record label that is now defunct. I could not find a good quality large image of the original artwork, but I did find a good one to use here, which is from the 2015 reissue on Relapse Records. It’s OK, cause the artwork is actually better on this reissue, but I did like the original cheesy version. Anyway, the song is called “Miami,” and is a perfect fit for this beer, which can resembles the Miami Vice TV Show logo. This song is the opening track to this album, and right from the start, Razor does what they do best, and kick you right in the fucking teeth with their brand of Speed/Thrash Metal. Very Skater Thrash influence on this tune. The lyrics are pretty brutal, describing the way Miami is full of crime, and death. They say that Miami is not a vacation destination, but rather a city that is in ruins, and that has gone to piss. So a not so happy song about Miami is where I went for the Metal Connection for this delicious highly rated fun beer by Harpoon Brewery. Oh well, this is Metal, so it’s not supposed to be happy. Cheers, fuckers!



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