BeerMetalShow 37 | Serial Drinker


Welcome to episode 37, Serial Drinker! On this episode I drank and dissected Craft Beers from Big River Brewery, Lakewood Brewing Company, Shannon Brewing Company and True Vine Brewing Company. As I usually do, the episode’s title is a play on words to a Metal song. In this case, the song is Serial Killer by one of my all time favorite bands, MACABRE. This was a very fun episode to put together. All the beers were excellent, and I really think the songs played on this one are fuckin’ bad ass. I really hope you all enjoy episode 37.

Host: Aaron “The BeerMetalDude” Mendiola

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Download: ep.37SerialDrinker

256 MB | 01:52:11 | Explicit Fucking Language

As always, please support the bands featured on our show. They deserve all the support from every single one of you! We use music on our show to showcase and promote all the bands featured.

The breweries as well deserve your support as they are also very hard working people who provide us with their tasty beverages.

Intro written & performed by Bloodsoaked
Mixed & Mastered at Chernobyl Studios

Featured Breweries: Big River | Lakewood | Shannon | True Vine

Featured Band: MACABRE
Featured Songs: Serial Killer | Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children your Favorite Dish) | Son of Sam | Exhumer | Holidays of Horror | Dr. Holmes (He Stripped their Bones) | Vampire of Dusseldorf | What’s that Smell? | Night Stalker | Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory | Coming to Chicago | Grandmother’s House | Do the Dahmer | You’re Dying to be with Me | Poison | Diary of Torture | Mary Ann | Lizzy Borden | The Black Night
Metal Connections: BORKNAGAR – Cold Runs the River | CELTIC FROST – Mexican Radio | BENIGHTED – Grind Wit | BURIAL VAULT – Sanctimonious

The Beer Metal Show Pentagram logo drawn by Ryan Cronin

The Beer Metal Show band logo drawn by Jon Zig

#MetalHeadsLoveCraftBeer #HornsUpPintsUp


Author: BeerMetalDude

Owner of Beer Metal Media. Creator/Host of The Beer Metal Show Podcast & It Came from the Cellar Podcast

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