Aaron “BeerMetalDude” Mendiola

About the Creator of BeerMetal.net

BEERMETAL.NET is a blog site dedicated to 2 of my biggest passions, Craft Beer, and Extreme Metal Music. Both of these have been a huge part of my life, and has driven me to the edge of sanity that I am at right now.

aaronMy Metal career started back when I was 15 years old. I joined my first Death Metal band, Maleficent, as their vocalist. We released a demo cassette, played a shitload of shows, including a few out of town gigs, which one was across the border in Mexico. Good times for such young dudes at the time!

My second band was named Putrilage, which began in 1999, and had a up and down lifespan, which included a few reunion shows, just so we could play the songs from the full length album, Devouring the Gutted, which was released in 2002 on Forever Underground Records. This album became a staple and classic TXDM album that was loved by Death Metal fans from all over the world. We played many fuckin’ shows, and toured the US, which included gigs at The Ohio Deathfest in 2001, and The New Jersey Metal Fest in 2002.

Next up was the ultimate brutal TXDM (Texas Death Metal) band, Exulcerate. Another successful band that was able to release a full length album, Remnants of a Cannibalistic Debauchery on Comatose Music. A US tour, and festival appearances also happened with this band. The band continues on in a way, as they are a two piece band now, playing nothing but new material, as the original song writers have moved on to other bands. No reunion has ever happened with the classic line-up from the album, even though I know, a few of us really wanted it to happen.

My last band, Engaged in Mutilating was formed in 2006 by previous members of both Putrilage, and Exulcerate. This band also signed to Comatose Music, and released a full length album, Population: Zero in 2009. Another great US tour happened, including a festival appearance at The Central Illinois Metalfest in 2011. I officially quit performing live in 2013, and have not looked back into starting a musical career anymore. It was a great time, and I regret nothing, but it was time to move on.

Another great thing I did for the Metal scene was back in 1994, when I created my own fanzine, Beyond the Grave. I released 2 issues, then helped create another fanzine named Underground Brutality, which only released 1 issue. Back in the geocities days of the internet, I put up Witness the Sickness Webzine, which lasted a few years, before I finally stopped writing altogether.

My Craft Beer life has also been very fulfilling. I had my first job in the industry at Big Hops, a growler filling station & bar. I worked at 2 of their locations, which included being a Bar Manager of their short lived Gastopub location. I was then hired as the Distribution Manager for Busted Sandal Brewing Company, handling deliveries and sales tot he Houston area. When my best friend at the time opened up his own Brewpub, Mad Pecker Brewing Co., I was hired there to manage the bar, even though I never had the official title of being a manager, well at least, according to an email I had received from his wife. Well, long story short, I left his company to be the Bar Manager of a new up and coming restaurant, Hop & Vine. This is where I am at now, and I love my job, and look forward to the future!

This was a look into my life, and now please enjoy the site!

Aaron “BeerMetalDude” Mendiola