Beer Ratings

What would be without the “Beer”? So it is obvious that we love beer here, and we want to share our love of beer with you all by reviewing the beer that we drink. For the most part, all the beer we drink we really do like, but don’t get it wrong, we will have all types of reviews from negative to positive. We have a skulls rating system that we are going by…

1 SKULL = Will never drink again!
2 SKULLS = Will drink again if someone bought it for me!
3 SKULLS = Right up my alley, average beer which I will drink again!
4 SKULLS = Damn near perfect beer! Wish I had another one right now!
5 SKULLS = One of the best damn beers I have ever had!

Some beers even get the special .5 ratings cause they are not quite the number above, nor are they quite the number below.



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