Here’s a little bit about This site is ran by one dude, a dude who is really into Craft Beer and Metal. That dude is me, Aaron Mendiola. I am born and raised in San Antonio, TX. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Back in 1993, when I was a little teenage Metalhead, I joined my first Death Metal band named Maleficent. I didn’t and still don’t know how to play an actual instrument, so my obvious choice was to pick up a mic and learn how to growl and scream into the mother fucker. In 1999, I joined my second band, a group of friends from the small town of Seguin, TX, and me. We were called Putrilage. 2003 saw the formation of my 3rd band, Exulcerate. This band was formed by me with a bunch of other musicians who had been in other Death Metal bands from around the San Antonio Metal scene. Finally in 2006, the last chapter of my musical career was created with some of my fellow musicians from my previous bands. This was Engaged in Mutilating. My final show was in 2013. It was a long, fun, brutal, tiring, and draining 20 years. I am glad it happened though, and I would never change it for the world.

Besides being in bands, I also worked in the scene. I once had my own fanzine called Beyond the Grave, which I had started when I was 15, in 1992, before the band career. It lasted a few issues. I relived the zine life when i created Underground Brutality, where I went under the moniker, Richard Sickgore. Richard is my middle name, and Sickgore just sounded fucking cool. This ‘zine met the same fate as my first. Only a couple of issues came out, then I retired. I did a few different production companies, which acted as either a distro for different band merchandise, or I booked shows. I had Grave Productions, and Witness the Sickness Webzine & Production. It wasn’t until my 30th birthday in 2007 when I created Goregrowler Entertainment and The Goregrowler’s Ball Festival. I booked many shows in several different venues around San Antonio and small neighboring cities. 2011 saw the final show and festival ever booked under these names, thus ending my career in the music industry. What a ride!

I had always enjoyed the different beer labels from the different Craft Breweries from around the world. It’s what drew me in at the beginning. One of the first beers I ever had that wasn’t a domestic beer was Maudite by Unibroue from Quebec, Canada. I never looked back after that. I was hooked! Over the years my palate has developed into what it is today, being able to dissect the flavors from each beer I drink. In 2013, I decided to put my love for Craft Beer and Metal to work, and I created this site, giving myself my new nickname among friends, the BeerMetalDude.

I have also held several jobs in the Craft Beer industry. I was a Tapmaster and unofficial Assistant Manager at Big Hops Growler Station and Big Hops Gastropub (two different locations). I was a Distribution Manager at Busted Sandal Brewing Company. I was a beertender and unofficial Bar Manager at Mad Pecker Brewing Co. I was finally labeled as a Bar Manager at Hop & Vine. I was recently the San Antonio Sales Representative for Meridian Hive Meadery out of Austin. Currently I am the San Antonio Account Representative for 8th Wonder Brewery out of Houston, TX.

The site has seen a lot of changes in format, writing style, colors, graphics, and all that. New jobs, and living situations also caused a drop in the number of posts in recent years, but I never gave up, and still have the site going. I really hope you enjoy my site. I really hope you seek out either or both the beers I review and the bands I connect and feature here.


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