Review: Attack of the Fruit Beer!

When I took my usual trip to Gabriel’s Liquor Superstore to purchase new craft beer, I saw they had a couple of beers from Sea Dog Brewing Company, an Apricot Wheat Ale, and a Blueberry Wheat Ale. These are my first beers by this brewery, and I was excited to get to these for this review. Al that comes to mind though before I begin are my “blasphemous elite Metal head friends who say “Fruit don’t belong in a beer, Blargh!” Continue reading “Review: Attack of the Fruit Beer!”

Review: BrewDog Dogma

dogmaBrewery: BrewDog UK
Beer: Dogma Original
Style: Spiced/Herb Ale
ABV: 7.8%
Character: Brewed w/ guarana, Californian poppy seeds, kola nut and Scottish heather honey
Metal Connection: LOCK UP – Vomiting Evil

BeerMetal Rating: 4/5

First thing first, I had the hardest time finding information about this particular beer online. If you go to the BrewDog website and look up “Dogma” you get an orange labeled heather honey infused scotch ale. On to Google… “Brewdog Dogma”… found a few websites calling the one I purchased the Brewdog Dogma Original. OK, I’ll go with that then. Oh yeah, and I just read that this one used to be called BrewDog Speed Ball. Awesome! Continue reading “Review: BrewDog Dogma”