BeerMetalShow 34 | Matando Craft Beer

Welcome to episode 34, Matando Craft Beer! On this episode I drank and dissected 4 Craft Beers from 2 San Antonio, TX breweries. I featured 2 beers from Weathered Souls Brewing, and 2 beers from Islla Street Brewing. As I usually do, the episode’s title is a play on words to a Metal song. In this case, the song is Matando Gueros by the Death Metal/Grindcore Supergroup known as BRUJERIA. Trust me, if I could have, I would have named this episode The Hood Rat Snack episode. You’ll see why. I attempted to speak Spanish on this episode and it was damn funny! Please don’t judge me too hard! One of these beers on this episode is a Hazy New England IPA, and yes, I actually enjoyed it. I really hope you enjoy this show. Cheers!

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BeerMetalShow 33 | These Beers Shall Be Your Grave (Mad Pecker Brewing)

Welcome to episode 33 of The Beer Metal Show Podcast. This episode is called These Beers Shall Be Your Grave. I sat down with Owner/Brewer, Jason Gonzales & Assistant Brewer, Rey Duque of Mad Pecker Brewing Company from here in San Antonio, TX. This is a brewpub owned by one of my lifelong best friends. I also used to work there, and was part of the very beginning. We had a Hell of a great time chatting it up while enjoying some of their delicious beers. We might have had a little too much fun. There is a lot of shit talking on this episode. We said a lot of dumb shit! I was able to do this interview at the pub, since this interview actually took place before the Corona Virus shutdown. This episode was an editing nightmare! That day, I just took all my equipment and just plugged it in and we just got started. I didn’t EQ all of our microphones, and it shows. I had to adjust a lot of things to get it to sound the way it does. Took me forever. Maybe I’m just being picky and you might not even notice. Please listen to our serious, and most of the time funny AF conversation. Enjoy the show!

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BeerMetalShow 31 | Beautiful Evil Beer

Holy Shit! Finally The Beer Metal Show has come back to the world! Welcome to episode #31, which I entitled Beautiful Evil Beer. I have not released an episode since November of last year, and I am happy to be back! I have a fantastic line-up for today’s drinking. All these beers are from TX breweries. Texas Leaguer Brewing Company – Knuckle Bock, Saloon Door Brewing Company– Hustlin’ Honey Blonde, Adelbert’s Brewery – Scratchin’ Hippo and Armadillo Ale Works – Tropical Squeeze. This episodes featured band is The Crown, a Swedish Death Metal band. You will hear music from throughout their career on this episode.

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BeerMetalShow 30 | Craft Beer F**king Craft Beer

Welcome to episode 30 of The Beer Metal Show Podcast. This episode is called Craft Beer Fucking  Craft Beer. I sat down with John Stecker, owner of 4th Tap Brewing Company out of Austin, TX. We had a nice little chat about the brewery, and drank 4 of their offerings. I met up with him at Stella Public House here in San Antonio while he was there hosting a 4th Tap event. It was a great night. Enjoy our conversation.

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BeerMetalShow 29 | Blessed by Beer

FINALLY, a new episode! It has been just over a month since the last episode was posted. My apologies! On this come back episode, I drank and dissected some of the best beers! Clown Shoes Moon Bear Milk Stout with Vietnamese Coffee, Real Ale Brewing Company BLAKKR Imperial Black Ale, HenHouse Brewing Company Chemtrails IPA, and Martin House Brewing Best Paid Sour Pickle Beer. This episode’s featured band is Spain’s very own AVULSED! This episode is jammed packed with killer Metal, and great Craft Beer.

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