After owning BeerMetalDude.com since February 2013, I felt it was time for a change to this site. The name BeerMetalDude is more of a nickname than a professional blog site. I will still approach each beer I drink the same way, but I will try my damnedest to be more productive on this site than I was with the previous one. I had a vision on what I wanted BeerMetalDude.com to be, and I hope I can finally accomplish what I want with BeerMetal.net.

I really wanted BeerMetal.com, but that domain is taken by a Metal band from Australia named Reign of Terror. (my good deed is done by helping them promote their site here).

BeerMetalDude.com is still active. Feel free to visit that site to read all my older reviews and such.

Thank you for being part of this Craft Beer & Metal journey that I am taking. I hope you find my posts informative, useful, or at least, entertaining. Please comment on the posts, and let me know your thoughts.


Aaron “BeerMetalDude” Mendiola