Review – Lone Pint 667 Neighbor of the Beast IPA

667LonePintBrewery: Lone Pint Brewery
Beer: 667 Neighbor of the Beast IPA
Style: American IPA
ABV: 6.6%
Character: High Hop flavor IPA
Music pairing: KREATOR – Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden cover)


“Woe to you oh.. herb and speed….for the devil sends the beast with hops.. because he knows the night is short……….. let he who hath understanding reckon the number of the yeast…. for it is a humid number…… it’s number is *beer tab*……$600.66……….” – Dave Crowley (Facebook friend to BeerMetalDude!)

This is my very first time hearing about this beer, actually about this brewery, as a matter of fact. This was purchased in a 32oz growler that I filled at Big Hops Growler Station here in San Antonio. I was able to sample this beer before the purchase, and I was highly impressed, and couldn’t wait to pop open the growler of this good stuff!

Poured from a growler into my Branchline Brewing pint glass. The appearance of this beer is a hazy light orange with a small thin white colored head, that stayed atop the beer all the way down the glass leaving a nice lacing.

The aroma of this neighbor of the beast is full of fruity notes. Right up front I am hit with a nose full of citrus like grapefruit, and tangerine. Big hops are here for sure in this one.

The flavor of this beer follows the aroma, as right away I get the taste of tangerines. The mouth feel is a slightly heavy body, and there is a grapefruit like after taste. You know that burn you get with grapefruit juice, yeah same here with this one. I love it! I am a sucker for American IPAs.

I have definitely had beers that were much more hoppy, but those are usually Double IPAs or Imperial IPAs, and are much usually stronger in alcohol. This is just a great example of what an American IPA should be like for us hop heads! If you happen to be at a bar that has this beer on tap, get it, and enjoy it as I just did!

Lone Pint Brewing Company is fairly new on the market, and I believe their beers are only available on taps. On their website there is no artwork for this beer yet, but I really hope they add something that will match the name.

I chose to pair this amazing beer with an amazing song. Seeing as this beer is called “667 Neighbor of the Beast”, it was obvious that the Iron Maiden’s song, “The Number of the Beast would be the song of choice. Well I chose the next best thing, a cover version of that said song. This cover version is from the awesome German thrash band, Kreator. Listening to this song made drinking this beer more enjoyable for me.




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