On Tour: This Section is on hold!

Well for those of you who follow my website may have noticed that I have not updated the “On Tour” section in quite some time. Well that’s because I haven’t visited any new breweries in quite some time. Work has kept me pretty busy and because I work in the Craft Beer Industry at a Brewpub, I don’t really have weekends free anymore. Now we are facing this pandemic that is sweeping over the world with the Coronavirus scare. Most breweries have resorted to only serving curbside to-go orders, and some have even decided to close their doors during this time. With the way things are going, there’s no telling what will happen in the future. The state of our beloved Craft Beer Industry is in a very strange place.

I will be back to posting up brewery visits once all of this blows over. I put a plan in my head on how I could work on this with work and all. Let’s hope this can happen. Until then, I will be working on new episodes of The Beer Metal Show, and periodically posting up written beer reviews here on the site.

Cheers, Mother Fuckers!

BeerMetalShow 19 | Street Drinker (Interview w/ Joaquin Pena of Islla St. Brewing Co.)

Welcome to episode 19, which is entitled Street Drinker. On this episode, Aaron The BeerMetalDude sits down with Joaquin Pena, the Co-Owner/Brewmaster of the newest San Antonio, TX brewery, Islla St. Brewing Company. We sat down within their tap room during business hours, so expect to hear some interesting music in the background. During the interview we discuss their beginning stages, all the way to their future plans, and a whole bunch of other shit including music, and so much more. Listen in, and get familiar with Islla St. Brewing Company.

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BeerMetalShow 14 | Smell the Beer in Churches

Join us for episode 14, as we entered an old church building turned brewery, and listen to us chat with Bobby Harl, Owner/Brewmaster of the Porter, TX brewery, Back Pew Brewing. This was our very first brewery interview for our podcast. We think it went very well, and we look forward to doing a lot more of these throughout our podcast career.

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BMD on Tour: Austin/Cedar Park, TX (Blue Owl, 4th Tap, Circle, Whitestone, & RedHorn)


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