I.C.F.T.C. Mini Episode9


Welcome to episode 9 of my mini episodes, which I call “It Came from the Cellar.” On these mini episodes, I will be reviewing a beer which I have held in my cellar for years. These episodes will be small with just one beer, one Metal Connection song and now I am including a Horror Movie review with my new segment, Fright Feature Report. On this episode I reviewed Grand Cru, an 10% Belgian Strong Dark Ale by AleSmith Brewing Company from San Diego, CA. I pair this excellent beer with a killer tune by the band, Novembers Doom. I also watched and reviewed the movie No Solicitors (2015). Thank you for tuning in.

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BeerMetalShow 9 | Saison of the Wicked

FINALLY, we have released a new episode. It has been a month since our last episode. We had to take some time off due to some family matters, but we are back, mother fuckers! Did you miss us? Yes… awesome, we love you too. No… Well, Fuck you!

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