I.C.F.T.C. mini episode14


Welcome to episode 14 of my mini episodes, which I call “It Came from the Cellar.” On these mini episodes, I will be reviewing a beer which I have held in my cellar for years. These episodes will be small with just one beer, one Metal Connection song and a Horror Movie review with the segment, Fright Feature Report. On this episode I reviewed RU-55 (Blend #7 03.16.17), a 7% Flanders Red Sour Ale fermented in neutral oak barrels for 8 to 14 months with their mixed culture prior to blending. They also brew this beer with three different base malts (Pilsner, Two Row, Munich) and four different caramel malts (C-60, C-120, Carared, and Melanoidin), which is different than their typical grain bill used in most of their beers. This beer comes from Jester King Brewery out of Austin, TX. I paired this excellent beer with a killer tune by the band Nominon from Sweden. I also watched and reviewed the movie Cadaver (2020), which is streaming on Netflix right now. Thank you for tuning in.

Host: Aaron “The BeerMetalDude” Mendiola

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As always, please support the bands featured on our show. They deserve all the support from every single one of you! We use music on our show to showcase and promote all the bands featured.

The breweries as well deserve your support as they are also very hard-working people who provide us with their tasty beverages.

Let’s not forget to watch the featured movie!

Featured Brewery: Jester King Brewery

Featured Band: Nominon

Metal Connection Song: Under the Five-Pointed Star

Featured Movie Review: Cadaver (2020)

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