The BMS Ep.11 – Ravenous Beer Machine


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Dying, but still prepping for Episode #10

As much as we really want to release an episode every week, we have reached episode #10, our first milestone. We have survived this far, and we are super excited to be here at this moment of our young podcast career. We want to do something different for this episode, so we will be having some guests over at The Beer Metal Media House. Well, we all had to pick a date that we could all be there together, and we have decided that Sunday, June 10th. This panel of Craft Beer experts that will be joining us will include some of the most vocal people we all know and love here in San Antonio.

This should be a very fun and opinionated episode. Can not wait to record this! In the mean time, I wanted to at least drink some beer and do written out reviews for the site, but I have been dying down here with my allergies acting up to all Hell. You know, I’m a man, so I’ve been man-sick, so obviously I am dying. All I know is, I have to get better before the 10th.

– Aaron “BeerMetalDude”